What Happened To Pricklee After Shark Tank?

Appeared in Pricklee Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 22 is a food and beverage services company that makes superfruit water. This fresh drink is made from prickly pear cactus water which is very tasty to drink.

According to a report, the globally flavored water market value is US$14.71 billion in 2021 which is increasing slowly.

There are many startups that are being formed in this industry and this industry is also growing slowly.

These Five people behind the making of “Pricklee”, started this company due to market study and freshwater.

Founder Yang and Hassoun gave a product presentation on Shark Tank but the other three partners did not show up.

This parter comes from pharmacy school. The “Hassoun” who grew up in Lebanon had their grandmother make a drink-through “prickly pear cacti” that were tasty.

This was the beginning of this company, and today a lot of people are drinking this drink.

What Is Pricklee?

Pricklee company makes fruity water from cactus, it is like coconut water but you have 35 calories and 7g of sugar in it. This company was started by 5 friends, and it is very popular in today’s time.

The people of Mexico have been consuming this fruit for more than 100 years. This drink gives clean and fruity flavors in which the amount of sugar is much more than the rest of the fruity flavors.

In this drink, you get Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Butalines, and Polyphenols, and provides supreme hydration.

The taste of this drink is similar to that of bubblegum and watermelon, only those who have eaten it will be able to recognize it.

It also works for immunity and skin health. It sells different types of Prickly Pear as Strawberry Hibiscus and Mango Ginger.

🤑);- Ooakshell Shark Tank Update

Pricklee Shark Tank Update

Company NamePricklee
FounderKun Yang, Mohammed Hassoun, and More Three.
Producta refreshing drink made from prickly pear cactus water
Asked For$200k for 5% Equity
Final Deal$200k as a line of credit for a 5% Equity
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E22
Air DateMay 6, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$2 Million *estimated

Pricklee Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaLinkedin
PlaceBoston, Massachusetts, United States

Who Is The Founder Of Pricklee? – Kun Yang Shark Tank, Mohammed Hassoun Shark Tank

Kun Yang is the co-founder and CEO of this company.

Shark Tank Air Date: 4/6/22 – Season 13 – Episode 22

Next, we will give you information about The Pricklee startup.

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