Shark Tank India

Hey, Guess Shark Tank is going to come to India, then guess if you like watching Shark Tank Show, then Shark Tank is coming to India. Shark Tank is a very popular show in the world, in this show people from different countries go to invest in their business.

Shark Tank is an aspiring entrepreneurial television show from the United States American broadcasting company CNBC Network that aired on August 9, 2009.

There are many small startups who visit Shark Tank and take the funding for their startup. Shark Tank is coming to India after becoming popular in many countries like Australia, United States.

What Is Shark Tank?

Do you have no idea what Shark Tank is then this post is for you? Shark Tank is one of the world’s most popular and successful aspiring entrepreneurs’ television shows, this show is watched by people all over the world.

If you like business and entrepreneur then you will definitely like Shark Tank Television Reality Show. After starting a startup, it has to go to a lot of companies and investors to get the funding, but this show provides you with a new opportunity.

Through this show, any person who needs funding for their startup can participate in this show and take funding.

When did Shark Tank India Start?

Shark Tank is coming to the Sony TV channel on 20th December 2021 in India. It will be telecast every Monday to Friday at 9 p.m. The show is produced by Studio Next, Upgrad, and co-powered by Flipkart.

The globally successful television show Shark Tank has been acquired by Sony Pictures Networks India. Shark Tank and this is its first season in India. Geared up to invest in these potential businesses and nurture the country’s business aspirants from all walks of life are the ‘Sharks’ who are successful entrepreneurs themselves. 

Who Is the Shark in Shark Tank India?

The names of the judges who are going to be in Shark Tank India have been announced. Ashneer Grover (founder and managing director of BharatPe), Vineeta Singh (CEO and co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics), Peyush Bansal (founder and CEO of Lenskart), Namita Thapar (executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Anupam Mittal (founder and CEO of – People Group), Ghazal Alagh (co-founder and chief mama of Mamaearth) and Aman Gupta (co-founder and chief marketing officer at boAt) will be the first edition sharks in this show. shark tank India investors and shark tank India investors.

Rannvijay Singha is going to host this show. Ashish Golwalkar, who is Head, Content, Sony Entertainment Television, and Digital Business, told this through a press conference.

Who Can Come To Shark Tank India?

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to start your own startup then you will need funding. If you are running a startup and you need funding to grow your startup, then Shark Tank provides a platform for you.

You can get funds by telling your unique business idea to Shark Tank.

The selected applicants or the ‘Pitchers’ will find themselves face-to-face with the ‘Sharks’ or the investors who will understand, assess and make an offer based on the applicant’s final ‘pitch’. The Sharks have no idea whatsoever on the ‘pitches’ beforehand.

If the ‘pitchers’ manage to impress the ‘Sharks’ they stand a chance to get an offer/ investment from the ‘Sharks’ right there. The show will not only help mentor participants or the ‘pitchers’ but will also give a first-hand experience to the masses by demystifying various nuances of business and the potential that it holds.

Shark Tank India Updates

In This Show Overall 40 countries since its first launch in 2001. With over 180 seasons, winning over 30 awards globally, Shark Tank is the world’s No. 1 Business Reality Show. Since its first launch in 2001, as Tigers of Money in Japan, created by Nippon TV the format was later adapted as Dragon’s Den in 2005 in the UK and the show premiered in the US as Shark Tank in the year 2009. The format is distributed internationally by Sony Pictures Television.

Shark Tank India S2 Products

CompaniesAskingAcceptSharkCo TypeS & E
Dorje Teas₹30 Lakhs for 5% equity₹30 Lakhs for 15% equityPeyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal and Vineeta SinghFood and BeverageS2E1 – WB
Recode Studio₹1 Crores for 1% equityN/ANoFashion and BeautyS2E1 – PB
HooVu Fresh₹80 Lakhs for 1% equity₹1 Crores for 2% equityAman Gupta and Peyush BansalLifestyle and HomeS2E1 – KA

Shark Tank India Products

CompaniesAskingAcceptSharkCo TypeS & E
BluePine Industries₹50 lakhs for 5%₹75 lakhs for 16%Ashneer, Vineeta & AmanFood & BeverageS1E1 –
Booz scooters₹40 lakhs for 15%40 lakhs for 50%Ashneer & VineetaSoftware & TechS1E1 –
Heart up my Sleeves₹25 lakhs for 10%₹25 lakhs for 30%Anupam & VineetaFashion & BeautyS1E1 –
Tagz Foods₹70 lakhs for 1%₹70 lakhs for 2.75%Ashneer Food & BeverageS1E2 –
Head and Heart₹50 lakhs for 5%N/ANoOthersS1E2 –
Agro tourism₹50 lakhs for 5%N/ANoOthersS1E2 –
Qzense Labs₹1 crore for 0.25%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E3 –
Peeschute₹75 lakhs for 4%₹75 lakhs for 6%AmanHealthS1E3 –
NOCD₹50 lakhs for 2%₹20 lakhs for 15% equity and ₹30 lakhs debtVineetaFood & BeverageS1E3 –
Cosiq₹50 lakhs for 7%₹50 lakhs for 25%Anupam & VineetaFashion & BeautyS1E4 –
JhaJi Achaar₹50 lakhs for 10%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E4 –
Bummer₹75 lakhs for 4%₹75 lakhs for 7.5%Namita & AmanFashion & BeautyS1E4 –
Revamp Moto₹1 crore for 1%₹1 crore for 1.5%Anupam & AmanSoftware & TechS1E5 –
Hungry Heads₹50 lakhs for 5%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E5 –
Shrawani Engineers₹10 lakhs for 20%N/ANoFashion & BeautyS1E5 –
Skippi Pops₹45 lakhs for 5%₹1 crore for 15%Ashneer, Namita, Anupam, Vineeta & AmanFood & BeverageS1E6 –
Menstrupedia₹50 lakhs for 10%₹50 lakhs for 20%NamitaLifestyle & HomeS1E6 –
Hecolll₹1 crore for 1%N/ANoSoftware & TechS1E6 –
Raising Superstars₹1 crore for 2%₹1 crore for 4%Ashneer & AmanChildren’s & EducationS1E7 –
Torchit₹75 lakhs for 1%N/ANoHealthS1E7 –
La Kheer Deli₹50 lakhs for 7.5%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E7 –
Beyond Snack₹50 lakhs for 2.5%₹50 lakhs for 2.5%Ashneer & AmanFood & BeverageS1E8 –
Vivalyf Innovations- Easy Life₹56 lakhs for 7.5%₹56 lakhs for 33.33%Anupam & PeyushHealthS1E8 –
Motion Breeze₹30 lakhs for 3%₹30 lakhs for 6%AshneerMotoS1E8 –
Altor₹50 lakhs for 5%₹50 lakhs for 7%Namita & AmanMotoS1E9 –
Ariro₹50 lakhs for 2.5%₹50 lakhs for 10%Aman & PeyushChildren’s & EducationS1E9 –
Kabira Handmade₹1 crore for 5%N/ANoLifestyle & HomeS1E9 –
Nuutjob₹25 lakhs for 5%₹25 lakhs for 20%Namita, Aman & PeyushFashion & BeautyS1E10 –
Meatyour₹30 lakhs for 5%₹30 lakhs for 20%Anupam, Aman & PeyushFood & BeverageS1E10 –
EventBeep₹30 lakhs for 2%₹30 lakhs for 3%Ashneer, Aman & PeyushSoftware & TechS1E10 –
Gopal’s 56₹300 crores for 25%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E11 –
ARRCOAT Surface Textures₹50 lakhs for 5%₹50 lakhs for 15%AnupamLifestyle & HomeS1E11 –
Farda₹30 lakhs for 10%₹30 lakhs for 20%Namita & AmanFashion & BeautyS1E11 –
Auli Lifestyle₹75 lakhs for 4%₹75 lakhs for 15%NamitaFashion & BeautyS1E12 –
SweeDesi₹40 lakhs for 3%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E12 –
LOKA₹40 lakhs for 5%₹40 lakhs for 24%Anupam, Aman & PeyushSoftware & TechS1E12 –
Annie₹30 lakhs for 0.5%₹1.05 crore at 3%Namita, Anupam & PeyushChildren’s & EducationS1E13 –
Caragreen₹50 lakhs for 10%₹50 lakhs for 20%Anupam & PeyushOthersS1E13 –
The Yarn Bazaar₹50 lakhs for 2%₹1 crore for 10%Ashneer, Anupam, Aman & PeyushSoftware & TechS1E13 –
The Renal Project₹1 crore for 3%₹1 crore at 6%Namita & AmanHealthS1E14 –
Morikko Pure Foods₹1 crore for 3%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E14 –
Good Good Piggy Bank₹45 lakhs for 5%N/ANoOthersS1E14 –
Hammer Lifestyle₹30 lakhs for 3%₹1 crore for 40%AmanSoftware & TechS1E15 –
PNT₹50 lakhs for 4%₹25 lakhs for 25% equity and ₹25 lakhs debtPeyushSoftware & TechS1E15 –
Cocofit₹5 for 5%₹5 for 5%Namita, Anupam & AmanFood & BeverageS1E15 –
Bamboo India₹80 lakhs for 4%₹50 lakhs at 3.5% Equity and ₹30 lakhs DebtAshneer & AnupamLifestyle & HomeS1E16 –
Flying Furr₹75 lakhs for 7%N/ANoPetS1E16 –
Beyond Water₹75 lakhs for 4%₹75 lakhs for 15%Namita & AmanFood & BeverageS1E16 –
Let’s Try₹45 lakhs for 2%₹45 lakhs for 12%Anupam & AmanFood & BeverageS1E16 –
Find Your Kicks India₹50 lakhs for 10%₹50 lakhs for 25%Ashneer, Namita, Anupam, Aman & PeyushFashion & BeautyS1E17 –
Aas Vidyalaya₹1.5 crore for 3%₹1.5 Crore for 15%Ashneer, Namita & PeyushChildren’s & EducationS1E17 –
Outbox₹50 lakhs for 5%N/ANoOthersS1E17 –
RoadBounce₹80 lakhs for 10%₹80 Lakhs for 20%PeyushSoftware & TechS1E17 –
Mommy’s Kitchen₹90 lakhs for 3%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E18 –
India Hemp and Co₹50 lakhs for 4%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E18 –
Otua₹1 crore for 1%₹1 lakh for 1% equity and ₹99 lakhs DebtAshneerMotoS1E18 –
Anthyesti₹50 lakhs for 2%N/ANoOthersS1E18 –
Ethik₹15 lakhs for 5%N/ANoFashion & BeautyS1E19 –
WeSTOCK₹50 lakhs for 5%₹60 lakhs for 10%Ashneer, Namita, Aman & PeyushHealthS1E19 –
KetoIndia₹1.5 crore for 1.25%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E19 –
Magic lock₹1.2 crore for 8%N/ANoLifestyle & HomeS1E19 –
The State Plate₹65 lakhs for 2%₹40 Lakhs for 3%equity and ₹25 Lakhs DebtPeyushFood & BeverageS1E20 –
Bakarmax₹35 lakhs for 5%N/ANoMediaS1E20 –
IN A CAN₹50 lakhs for 2%₹1 Crore for 10%Ashneer, Namita, Anupam, Aman & PeyushFood & BeverageS1E20 –
Get a Whey₹1 crore for 8%₹1 Crore for 15%Ashneer, Vineeta & AmanFood & BeverageS1E21 –
Sid07 Designs₹47 lakhs for 10%₹25 Lakhs for 75% equity & 22 lakhs DebtPeyushLifestyle & HomeS1E21 –
The Quirky Nari₹35 lakhs for 5%₹35 lakhs for 24%Anupam & VineetaFashion & BeautyS1E21 –
Hair Originals₹60 lakhs for 2%₹60 Lakhs for 4%Ashneer, Anupam & PeyushFashion & BeautyS1E22 –
Poo de Cologne₹75 lakhs for 5%N/ANoLifestyle & HomeS1E22 –
Moonshine Meads₹80 lakhs for 0.5%N/ANoOthersS1E22 –
Falhari₹50 lakhs for 2%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E22 –
Namhya Foods₹1 crorefor 5%₹50 lakhs for 10% Equity & ₹50 lakhs DebtAmanFood & BeverageS1E23 –
Urban Monkey₹1 crore for 1%N/ANoFashion & BeautyS1E23 –
Guardian Gears₹30 lakhs for 5%N/ANoMotoS1E23 –
Modern Myth₹75 lakhs for 5%N/ANoFashion & BeautyS1E23 –
The Sass Bar₹40 lakhs for 8%₹50 lakhs for 35%Anupam & GhazalLifestyle & HomeS1E24 –
KG Agrotech₹30 lakhs for 10%₹10 lakhs for 40% Equity & ₹20 lakhs DebtPeyushOthersS1E24 –
Nuskha Kitchen₹20 lakhs for 10%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E24 –
PawsIndia₹50 lakhs for 4%₹50 lakhs for 15%AnupamPetS1E25 –
Sunfox Technologies₹1 crore for 2%₹1 crore for 6%Namita, Anupam, Vineeta, Peyush & GhazalHealthS1E25 –
Alpino₹1.5 crore for 2%N/ANoFood & BeverageS1E25 –
Isak Fragrances
Julaa Automation
Rare Planet
Theka Coffee
Watt Technovations
Aliste Technologies
Insurance Samadhan
Humpy A2
Kunafa World
Gold Safe Solutions Ind.
Wakao Foods
PDD Falcon
PlayBox TV
Sippline Drinking Shields
Kabaddi Adda
Shades of Spring
Thea and Sid
Experential Etc
Grow fitter
Med Tech
Colour Me Mad
Tweek Labs
Nomad Food Project
Twee in One
Green Protein
Jain Shikanji
Elcare India

FAQ Of Shark Tank India

What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank is an investor television show started in India to give funding to small startups. It is quite famous in the United States, Australia country.

This is the successful game show of the whole world, you will definitely like this show.