What Happened To COSiQ Cosmetic After The Shark Tank India?

Are You Looking at COSiQ Shark Tank India Update? COSiQ is a cosmetic brand of India which was launched in March 2021. The COSiQ cosmetic brand has achieved success in a very short time. This brand has been featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 4.

This COSiQ Cosmetic is intelligent skincare. This skincare product helps to cleanse and restore damages from the face. This company has been growing very well for some time now. So we have told in this post how much deal they have got in Shark Tank India.

What is COSiQ?

COSiQ is a cosmetics brand that was launched in March 2021 in New Delhi. This cosmetic brand makes many products like Gentle Exfoliating Peeling, Niacinamide Vitamin B3, Salicylic Acid BHA, SPF 15 Indoor Sunscreen Serum, Vitamin C-23% Serum, etc. This product works scientifically, no harmful chemicals have been used in it. This product has been made by proper analysis of the human body.

COSiQ can be a very good brand ahead This brand has achieved good success in just 10 months starting in March 2021. This product uses effective clinical technologies to clean human skin and create a good-looking face. This technology focuses on clean ingredients, functional actives, minimalist formulations, and real, visible results.

And one more thing is that its scientific treatments have been approved by dermatologists.

Company NameCOSiQ Cosmetic
FounderVidhu Jain & Kanika Vats
BusinessIntelligent Skincare
Asked For₹50 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity
Final Deal₹50 Lakhs for 25%
SharkAnupam Mittal & Vineeta Singh
Episode (Shark Tank India)S1 E4
Business StatusIn Business
Company Valuation₹2 Crores *estimated

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Who is the founder of CosIQ?

So the founder of this cosmetic brand is Vidhu Jain & Kanika Vats, both of them started this new revolutionary startup. He has created this startup with his unique idea and new thought. The founder has done a lot of marketing on social media to grow his business.

Vidhu Jain has studied Bachelor of Arts at Punjab Technical University. After completion of his studies, she was Director in Ayurveda Research Labs. she started this startup after his 7-year part-time job.

Kanika Vats did her schooling at Rukmini Devi Public School and did her Advertisement & Sales Promotion degree from Delhi University. The Money Saving Champions Ltd. Was the team manager in the company. Has been the Operations Manager in Keyoscks Company. She was the Head of Operations for 1 year at the RI Ayurveda Research Labs.

How Much Deal Did CosIQ Get in Shark Tank?

The founder of CosIQ has given his presentation in Shark Tank India quite well. Very much liked this brand of shark So Vineeta Singh, who already runs a cosmetic brand named Sugar, and Anupam Mittam, the founder of Shaadi.com have shown interest.

Kanika Talwar and her husband have helped this startup to grow in a very good way. According to a report, the market value of skincare products in 2020 was 129.76 billion. In the coming 2025, their growth can be 191.09 billion.

Founder Kanika Talwar and her husband asked for ₹50 lakhs in 7.5% Equity of their company’s shares in Shark Tank India. Sharks Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, and Anupam Mittam have shown interest in this brand and have put up quite a good counter.

CosIQ Cosmetic Before Shark Tank

CosIQ Cosmetic had done a lot of good sales before coming to Shark Tank. Their co-founder Kanika Vats is a marketing expert. She has done marketing very well for his brand. It promotes its brand in platforms like Instagram Influencer, YouTube and Google, Facebook, etc.

Is CosIQ Cosmetic Still In Business?

This CosIQ Cosmetic brand is growing very fast right now. After getting this investment, its growth is going to increase significantly. Currently, 10% off sale of this product is going on, you can avail of this offer by using “SHARKTANK” promo code.