BeyondWater Shark Tank India Update (Season 1)

Beyondwater is a startup featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 15. Beyondwater is no ordinary water, it is India’s first liquid enhancer. The job of this product is to make the water clean and tasty which is fun to drink and good for health. The founder of BeyondWater has come to Shark Tank India to ask for money by giving some percent ownership of his company.

The human body needs more water than food to stay alive, but in today’s time, chemicals are being found in water. So after drinking this, the health condition of the human body can become worse, but to avoid this, there is a simple home remedy, you can heat the water and drink it. This is also a problem, if you cannot drink water by boiling it all the time, then the Beyond Water product has been made to solve this thing.

What Is BeyondWater?

BeyondWater Shark Tank is a problem-solving product that has been introduced in India which everyone needs today. People drink more water than they eat, but because of the adulteration happening in water these days, they think about drinking every water.

It is difficult to say whether a branded water bottle can contain pure water or not, otherwise, it is a big problem. So this Beyond Water product is perfect for solving this problem. This is India’s first liquid enhancer and it is small enough to carry it with you on travel etc. Before drinking water, add this liquid to the water.

These palm-sized Squeeze Bottles come in just 100ml and can be carried anywhere. There are many flavors in it like Orange, lemon, nimbu pani, mango, and peach pulps, whose taste is very good, and it provides daily vitamins to the body. This product is suitable for other age people.

Company NameBeyondWater
FounderDevang Singhania, Sachi Singhania
FoundedMar 2020
Businessliquid enhancer
Asked For₹75 Lakhs for 5% Equity
Final Deal₹75 Lakhs for 15% Equity
SharkAman Gupta and Namita Thapar
Episode (Shark Tank India)S1 E15
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersKolkata, West Bengal, India
Lifetime Worth (Sales)₹23 Crores *estimated

Who is the Founder of BeyondWater?

The name of the founders of BeyondWater is Devang Singhania, and Sachi Singhania, both of whom are residents of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Founder Devang started this startup in 2020. This is a successful startup that can become billions of dollars in business in the coming times.

Apart from being available on multiple e-commerce platforms of BeyondWater India, it is also available in retail. This product is being misled in many grocery markets of Kolkata. The price of the item in this product online comes to Rs.300. He has sold more than 1000 both offline and online. Before joining Shark Tank, he was offered by some businessmen to invest money.

After participating in Beyondwater Shark Tank India, asked Shark for 75 lakhs in exchange for a 4% share.

Beyondwater was started in 2020, it is currently in business and is growing very well. After its launch in Shark Tank India, its sales have increased tremendously.

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