What Happened To Nuutjob After Shark Tank India?

Are You Looking Nuutjob Shark Tank India Update? Nuutjob Shark Tank India Season 1 featured in Episode 10, a male’s intimate hygiene brand. NuutJob is a unique startup that designs lifestyle facial products that can be used in daily life.

In the present-day cosmetic and lifestyle market, many things have come for females. If we talk about the female, then there is a treatment for everything in today’s time, but till now there is not much daily use product available for the male. So this NuutJob is a brand specially designed for male hygiene.

What is Nuutjob?

NuutJob is a cosmetic brand that manufactures products for male hygiene. Considering the changes happening in the world of Sun, Sweat, Wind, and Pollution, a lot of things happen in Male’s life.

This brand does not make those Un-useful products, it does not contain any kind of harmful ingredients. It reaches the product directly to the customer without any middle-man, so that the customer gets the product directly at the right price.

A lot of research is done in it before giving it to the user so that this product can work properly in the male skin. They have some daily life products, their name is Nuutwash: nut, butt, body and hair wash, Nuutguard liquid powder: and Nuutfresh sack spray. This brand is registered with Manscape Inc.

Company NameNuutJob
FounderAnanya Maloo & Anushree Maloo
BusinessMale’s Hygiene Cosmetics Brand.
Asked For₹25 Lakh for 5% Equity
Final Deal₹25 Lakh for 20% Equity
SharkPeyush Bansal, Namita Thapar & Aman Gupta
Episode (Shark Tank India)S1 E10
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth₹5 Crores

How Much Deal Did NuutJob Get in Shark Tank?

NuutJob Shark Tank is a male cosmetic startup incorporated in India. Its products are made for male-only. The brand’s Founder Ananya Maloo and Co-Founder Anushree Maloo have received a great response from Shark Tank India. The founder asked Shark for ₹25 lakhs, 5% in exchange for his company’s shares.

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Who Are The Founder of NuutJob?

NuutJob is a male cosmetic brand, its founder is Two Female. So the name of its founder is Ananya Maloo. Ananya is a Marketing Executive of PVR Pictures Ltd. The co-founder, Anushree Maloo, manufactures the manufacturing production of the Nuutjob brand.

What is the Valuation of NuutJob?

As you know NuutJob is a male cosmetic brand that has featured in Shark Tank India.

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