Pillars of Slippers Shark Tank Update (Season 1)

Pillars of Slippers is an affordable, unique design women’s shoe business founded by Nicole Jones and she asked the sharks for $150k for 15% equity at a $1 Million Valuation in Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 10.

She sells shoes both through home parties and online and needs a shark to start a franchise. Unfortunately, none of the sharks showed interest in investing in this business.

Company NamePillars of Slippers
FounderNicole Jones
ProductStylish Shoes for Women
Asked For$150k for 15% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S1 E10
Air DateJan 29th, 2010
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, USA
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$2M *estimated
Buy and WatchBuy NowAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Pillars of Slippers?

Image via ABC Shark Tank

Nicole said there have been $70,000 in online sales and $64,000 from home parties, for a total of $130,000 in sales so far. If someone takes a franchise, they will have to pay an initial license fee of $100,000. In this, the person will also get a pink SUV and other essential items along with the franchise deal.

Robert Herjavec worries why a woman would pay $100,000 for an SUV and other items. Kevin O’Leary said “You’re crazy” and asked Nicole how much cash she had invested in this business idea.

She has invested $200,000 in the store business and $60,000 in the current model. Kevin Harrington did not like Nicole’s license fee idea so he declined to invest.

Daymond John said that this business is not for him so he is out. Robert Herjavec says this business concept doesn’t make any sense, so he’s out.

Barbara Corcoran also refused to invest in this business. Kevin O’Leary said there was no way he could pay the $150,000 and he dropped out.

Sharks Offers list!

Barbara Corcoran Barbara CorcoranNo Offer
Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank Profile Kevin O’LearyNo Offer
Robert Herjavec Robert HerjavecNo Offer
Daymond John Daymond JohnNo Offer
Kevin Harrington Kevin HarringtonNo Offer
Founder’s (Countered)No Counter
Final DealsNo Deals

Pillars of Slippers Shark Tank Update

Shoe professional Nicole Jones said during an interview that she had no regrets about talking to the Sharks about the franchise model. Nicole published a book called “Dare to Walk in My Shoes” in 2009, you can buy it from Amazon.

After searching we found out that Pillars of Slippers is now out of business.

What Is Pillars of Slippers’s Net Worth?

Pillars of Slippers’ net worth is now $0 as this business has completely shut down and only founder Nicole has not received any useful information. I think this home parties franchise model business idea is not that practical for most women.

Annual Revenue by Years

Note: This report is based on our research and data so far. In this, we are only estimating the annual revenue.

YearsAnnual Revenue
2005-20$2M *estimated

Funding Reports to Date!

YearsFunding AmountInvestor

Nicole Jones has been working as a sales associate at the popular shoe brand Shoe Palace since March 2015. Before this, she worked at PUMA for 7 months. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Heald University.

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