What Happened To Quevos After The Shark Tank?

Quevos is a chipmaker through Egg Whites who participated in Season 12 Episode 11 of Shark Tank. Quevos is an original egg white chip and has high protein and low carb which is considered very good for health. Its founders Nick and Zach asked for $200,000 in Shark Tank in exchange for a 5% stake in the company.

According to the report for 2019, the market value of global healthy snacks is 78.13 billion and it is growing slowly every year. It is estimated that in the coming 2027, the value of this industry can reach up to $108.11 billion.

In today’s time, most of the people who suffer a lot of health issues through snacks are now focusing on healthy snacks. There are many startups that work to promote healthy snacks with different snacks categories.

Snacks are a very big category and there are many small niches in it that have taken the valuation of the million-dollar globally.

Chips is a very big industry in snacks, so there is a brand in this industry Quevos which makes healthy chips from Eggs Whites. This startup was started by Nick and Zach, both of them are very young founders.

Both of them have been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 2022 of the Food & Drink Industry. The age of both of them is 23 years old, at this young age they should make a successful startup.

With this company being fully certified, it provides a healthy snack to the user. Their chips come in different flavors and it is very tasty.

What Is Quevos?

Quevos is a food and beverage services startup based in Chicago, Illinois. This company makes high protein, low carb chips through Egg Whites, this delicious snack is very tasty to eat.

Apart from this, the taste of salty, and crunchy is found in these chips. People are fond of fitness and they want healthy food in daily life, these healthy chips play an important role in fulfilling their needs.

It is a complete Guilt-Free Snack that contains 8g Protein, 4g Net Carbs, 3g of Ribber, Gluten-Free which makes for a healthy Chips Snack.

These chips come in many different flavors like Mesquite Bbq, Quevos Rancheros, Cheddar, Honey Mustard, Dill Pickle, Sour Cream & Onion.

Their products are available in most of the retail stores in Illinois and it is more than 1,000+ stores. Nick says that this chip is more crunchy and healthier than other chips like potato chips etc.

Quevos Shark Tank Update

Company NameQuevos
FounderNick Hamburger and Zach Schrier
Producthigh protein snack chips made from egg whites
Asked For$200,000 for 5%
Final Deal$200,000 for 10% + $200,000 line of credit
SharkDaniel Lubetzky
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 12 Episode 11
Air DateJanuary 22, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$2 Million *estimated

Quevos Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaLinkedin
PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States

Who Is The Founder Of Quevos? – Nick Hamburger Shark Tank and Zach Schrier Shark Tank

The co-founders of Quevos are Nick Hamburger and Zach Schrier, both of whom are 23 years old. He was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 2022 list of successful founders.

Zach is the of this company and he leads the company. His sister Carly helped him in making this chip. Nick is the CEO of this company.

Quevos Before Shark Tank

The test of Quevos chips is so good that they have got a rating of 3.6 on Amazon which is right for an average product.

This startup was started in 2018 and at the time of its launch, it raised $72,000 in funds by running Kickstarter Compagne.

In the beginning, he first started selling eggs chips in retail stores. He generated sales of $260,000 in 2020.

By 2021, their sales rate increased further and they generated total sales of $660,00 this year. Generating so many sales in a short span of time is nothing short of a miracle for a starting startup company.

The founder said that he would generate total sales of $1.3 million by the end of 2021. Of these total sales, 80% were online and 20% came through retail from 400 stores.

The cost of making this bag of chips comes to 83 cents, they sell to the distributor for $0.50, and online for $2.9 they sell to the consumer.

Nick says that he has raised $1.6 million money for this startup in 2021. Nick says that he invests $20,000 per month in online marketing and that generates $90,000 in sales.

Bubbly Blaster Shark Tank Update

Did Quevos Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Nick & Zach: Quevos founder Nick & Zach asked the sharks for $200,000 in return for 5% of their company’s equity. The Sharks were quite impressed by the sales of his company and the earlier funding.

Robert Herjavec: Robert Herjavec got out of this deal by telling some of his personal reasons. He had his own reason that he does not know much about this field.


Kevin O’Leary: Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary offered the founder $200 for a 2.5% stake + a royalty of 10 cents per bag until $400K is paid to invest in this company. Kevin also said that he can generate sales by doing good marketing online and can help in reaching the product directly to the consumer.

Offer: $200 for a 2.5% stake + a royalty of 10 cents per bag until $400K

Daniel’s: Daniel’s offered $200 for a 10% stake in this company. Greiner also said that Daniel’s is the right investor for this company.

Daniels: Due to a counteroffer from Zach and Nick, Daniels changes his offer to $200K + $200K as a line of credit for a 10% stake.

Nick: Nick made the 3rd counteroffer to Daniels for $300 for a 10% stake. Daniels made his 3rd counteroffer $200,000 for 10% + 2% in advisory shares.

Finally, the deals were finalized Daniels made $200,000 for a 10% + $200,000 line of credit in this company.

What Happened To Quevos After Shark Tank?

Quevos got very good sales after Shark Tank, this company had generated sales of $500,000 in just 2 weeks.

Due to its continuous association, Daniel invested $1.35 million in this to take this product to the global level.

Apart from this, the company had raised funds of $3.6 million from different investors.

The founder said that he would generate $1.3 million in sales by the end of 2021, but it generated sales of $2 million.

As of now, this product has been made available in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and Wegman’s.

It is currently available in +1500 stores. In 2021, his lifetime sales were $3.2 million, his life was completely changed through the Shark Tank show.

Where Can You Buy Quevos?

Buying Egg Chips is very easy, it is available on Amazon and its official website. It costs $14.99 online and packs 5 chips.

Available in more than +500+ stores at retail. here is a popular store these chips available GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and Wegman’s.

ImageCredit: quevos

Is Quevos Still In Business?

Since 2018, this company is growing very well, by the end of the year, it generates millions of dollars in sales.

More than 10 employees work in this company. People swear by it in their daily life due to it being low-carb, gluten-free & keto-friendly.

Right now it focuses on bringing Eggs chips to the global level. People from all over the country were able to taste these chips.

In an interview given by Co-Founder Zack Schreier on the Type 1 Tribe YouTube channel, he told a lot about his startup journey.

If you want to see that interview then here is his video.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/22/21 – Season 12 – Episode 11

Next, we will give you information about the Quevos startup.

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