What Happened To Surprise Cake After Shark Tank?

A surprise cake is a unique way to get surprises, so this surprise cake is called a popping cake, there is a hidden surprise inside this cake. Jordan Long and Liz Charm, the founders of this surprise cake company, appeared in Season 12 Episode 4 of Shark Tank for funding. they asked Shark for $200,000 for 8% equity to support the growth of his company.

After this ask, this company is worth a $2.5 million valuation. This is a huge valuation for a surprise cake company. This is also because of the valuations that this company had made before entering Shark Tank.

Basically, it is a cake maker company which makes super gift products inside the cake to make the cake cutting celebration nice, according to Buyer.

This cake industry is very big, according to data, the value of this industry was $ 42.94 billion in 2019, which would have increased a lot now.

The cake market is a simple market, its shops are found in every area. It is difficult to do big business in this industry because already many small shops are selling this cake. People go to the same shop to buy the cake and they buy the cake.

The cake is definitely cut on every special occasion, be it any festive, birthday, anniversary, friendship, etc.

If there is a surprise gift with the cake, then its fun increases even more and this special day remains a memory.

Surprise Cake is one such brand that provides Surprise Gift Cakes with Cake Inside.

What Is Surprise Cake?

Surprise Cakes is a company based in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States. This company was started in 2018. This company makes surprise cakes, they have two methods through which they make this cake.

It provides Send a Surprise Cake and Shop the Popping Stand which gives different surprises. According to the customer, he makes different types of cakes.

Send a Surprise Cake is a technique to surprise, in this it is a plastic cake store that has a plastic tube which is hidden inside the cake store, It is held to Tube through a gift card below. This gift card is taken according to the customer, it can be an Amazon, Uber, or any movie card. After this is done, this cake is kept in the box. Whoever cuts this cake, when he takes out the gift card, his surprise will be seen in front of him.

The same technique has been used in the shop the popping stand but this music box has been added additionally, the gift is visible through a key.

It also sells cake accessories, Decided the price of the cake according to it.

Company NameSurprise Cake
FounderJordan Long and Liz Charm
Productpopping cake stand that let’s you hide surprises inside of a cake
Asked For$200k for 8% Equity
Final DealNo Offer
SharkNo Shark
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E4
Air DateNov 6, 2020
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$3.3 Million *estimated

Surprise Cake Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaLinkedin
PlaceBurlington, Massachusetts, United State

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Who Is The Founder Of Surprise Cake?

Jordan Long & Liz Charm is the co-founder of this surprise cake company.

Charm had brought this surprising concept, it was her daughter’s 12th birthday and she wanted to gift a phone to her daughter. To surprise his daughter, he keeps the phone inside a cake in a plastic box, when he rings, then this gift becomes revealed by cutting the cake.

Keeping plastic inside the cake is against the safety guideline, so to solve this problem, she took the help of her son Jordan, who is an engineer.

To make this idea a business, Jordan Long designed a product keeping all the safety guides in mind. In the prototype of the product, he has 6-inch and 2.8-inch diameter plastic tubes which will make the surprise visible.

The stand is also made of plastic and holds a cake up to 10 inches in diameter, or 18 standard-size cupcakes. As the products are made, they add new technology it, now music boxes have also been added to them.

Jordan completed his engineering studies at USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

Surprise Cake Before Shark Tank

Charm, the founder of Surprise Cake, first came up with this business idea, after which she took it forward with her son Jordan.

It was his surprise concept during the company’s inception which led to a lot of people buying cakes from him on special occasions.

When it started in 2018, no one knew about this surprise cake concept, so it got very less sales.

Jordan had some marketing knowledge, so he promoted his product on social media Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Because of this, the reach of his product had increased a lot, due to which he got a lot of good sales. This was a new concept so people started liking this product.

It can be used on many special occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, Gender Reveal, holidays, etc.

Did Surprise Cake Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Surprise Cakes founder Jordan Long and Liz Charm asked for $200,000 after featuring in Shark Tank in exchange for 8% equity.

The presentation of both of them was very good, they came to a cake show and surprised the shark, although the shark did not understand it. Tell about your product through a demo.

Jordan said that he had a utility patent, approved in the United States. we, ve filed internationally in the EU, UK, and Australia.

Before 2020, it had been 2 years since he started and he got a sale of $10,000 in the first 5 months. In 2019, their sale had gone up to $280,000 and year to date he has done $550,000 in sales.

Jordan believed that he would do $900,000 in sales by the end of 2020. So his profit net in this is $50,000.

His Popping Cake Stand was priced at $36.99 but now it has been priced at $39.99 in June 2022. In this, they also charge a shipping charge of $7.99.

The landed cost of the Popping Stand is $8. In this, Mark said that this is not a profitable business, sales are very good in this but profit cannot be made.

No sharks were invested in this business, all the sharks (Mark, Kevin, Lori, barbara, daymond) got out by giving their reasons.

What Happened To Surprise Cake After Shark Tank?

Surprise Cakes didn’t get a deal in Shark Tank but it was able to make good sales, it sold quite well after a few weeks of appearing on the show.

As Shark said it is not a profitable business but the founder is still running this business. After Shark Tank, he achieved success, and many magazines and news media covered him.

The founder was featured in Good Morning America, Today, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, and NBC and also gave a lot of information about his business story.

The founder adopted many innovative ways to improve this cake model and also added cake stands and cake carrying kits to it. In October 2022, this company completed its annual sale of $5 million.

Surprise Cake Shark Tank Update

Surprise Cake Company did not get investment in Shark Tank but it managed to gain a lot of customers. Many people ordered this cake after watching the Shark Tank television show for Birthday, Wedding Anniversary etc.

In October 2022, this company’s engagement on social media Instagram account has reduced drastically. In October 2022, this company’s annual revenue can be up to $5 million.

We’re following Jordan Long and Liz Charm along with their company for further updates.

Where Can You Buy Surprise Cake?

Surprise Cake is available at one place on their official website. Anyone who wants to take this product can visit their official website and write an order accordingly. If you are searching for this on Amazon, then its cake will not be found on Amazon but surprise cake stands are available. This Musical Popping Cake Stand is priced at $64.98. A lot of people have bought it, its rating is 4.5 out of 5, More than 75% of people have given a 5-star rating to this product.

Surprise Cake

What Is Surprise Cake Net Worth?

The founders of Surprise Cakes, Liz & Jordan, had reported a valuation of their company at $2.5 million in Shark Tank. Although he did not get a deal in Shark Tank, after a few weeks he got a lot of good sales when he appeared in Shark Tank. In 2022, this company has generated revenue of $5 million. We think Surprise Cake’s net worth could be $3.3 million.

Is Surprise Cake Still In Business?

Yes, the surprise cake is still going on. However, it is not able to earn that much profit according to its sales.

This is a very low profit in the business, if there is a high volume of sales, then a good amount of profit can be made.

To increase the growth of his business, he has hired some employees. He is also investing some part of his revenue in marketing.

Right now there are many competitors of this company in the market who are adopting this method to sell surprise cakes.

This business is totally focused on entertaining surprises which makes the occasion special. We hope that this company can become a very big company in the future.

Yes, Surprise Cake is still in business as of November 2022.