Umaro Foods Shark Tank Update (Season 13)

Umaro Foods is a food brand based in Albany, California, United States, that utilizes seaweed to produce natural proteins specifically designed for women and children. The startup officially launched in 2022.

According to some food experts, seaweed offers one of the most natural sources of protein. This is believed to be due to seaweed being a plant that grows in the ocean. It thrives independently, requiring no watering, cultivation, or fertilizer.

One of Umaro Foods’ products, Meat Eater, resembles bacon, but it is a vegan alternative. This food is described as meaty, crispy, and crunchy, providing a satisfying eating experience.

Umaro Foods offers a variety of protein options, including seaweed, chickpea, coconut, sunflower, plant flavors and colors, sea salt, and sugarcane, which can be incorporated into various dishes.

Company NameUmaro Foods
FounderBeth Zotter and Amanda Stiles
Productplant-based protein source
Asked For$500,000 For 2% Equity
Final Deal$1,000,000 For 7% Equity
SharkMark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 13 Episode 18
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of Umaro Foods?

Beth Zotter and Amanda Stiles are the co-founders of Umaro Foods, leading the startup with their expertise. They are supported by a dedicated team who have contributed significantly to the company’s success.

Beth Zotter, the Co-Founder and CEO, brings her experience as a Technology Entrepreneur focused on Renewable Energy. Before Umaro, she collaborated with science-based startups at Cyclotron Road and spearheaded research and development at Bio Architecture Lab, a seaweed biofuels company.

Amanda Stiles serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder, leveraging her background as a Ph.D. plant biochemist. Previously, she led the research team at Ripple Foods, showcasing her expertise in the field.

In addition to Zotter and Stiles, the Umaro Foods team includes Royal Sayewitz, the Director of Business Operations, and Tim Arapov, a Protein Scientist. Each member plays a crucial role in the company’s operations and development.

Did Umaro Foods Get a Deal on Shark Tank

The founder initially approached the Sharks with an offer of $500,000 for 2% equity in the company. Kevin O’Leary countered with a proposal to invest $500,000 for 8% equity. In response, the founder issued a counteroffer, requesting $1 million for 8% equity.

Mark Cuban expressed interest in the founder’s demand for $1 million. Following Cuban’s interest, Lori Greiner decided to invest $500,000 for a 4% equity stake, with an additional option for further investment in the next funding round.

Subsequently, the founder made a second counteroffer, agreeing to accept $1 million in funding from Mark Cuban in exchange for a 7% equity stake in the company.

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