What Happened To AyuRythm In Shark Tank India?

AyuRythm is a Health & Fitness Startup Featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 31 Which provides personalized holistic wellness solutions through ayurvedic principles through digital platforms. The founder of its startup has demanded ₹75 lakhs in exchange for 2% equity of his company in Shark Tank India.

In this digital time, people are getting the solution of their health issue problem through digital. The problem of people’s health issues has come to their smartphones now, many startups who are providing service to people through digital mobile applications.

What Is AyuRythm?

AyuRythm solves the problem of Personalized Holistic Wellness of people in Ayurvedic way through Digital Mobile Application Technology. This startup was started in 2017 in Bangalore. This AyuRythm is a one-click solution in which the patented health issues are solved in an ayurvedic way.

Through this platform, patent directors are able to contact Ayurvedic doctors and solve their every wellness problem. Many years ago, people used to depend on Ayurvedic for their health issues, so they get a lot of benefits from it.

Today, in this technology time, this Ayurvedic has been digitized and people are told about the Ayurvedic method of how to keep their health right. So this mobile application provides you with complete body assessment, better health, and wellness advice.

You can see your complete health results in their mobile application. It gives 1800+ home remedies lists to its subscribers, their app is available in Hindi. Apart from this, they do exclusive training programs for wellness experts.

AyuRythm Shark Tank India Update

Company NameAyuRythm
FounderRamanath Padmanabhan, Sandeep Acharya, and Abhilesh Gupta
ProductThe holistic wellness mobile app works
on the principles of ancient Indian Ayurvedic Principles.
Asked For₹75 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Final Deal₹75 Lakhs for 2.68% Equity
SharkAman Gupta
Episode (Shark Tank India)Season 1 Episode 31
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth/Valuation₹28 Crores

AyuRythm Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaInstagram
Mobile AppGo To PlayStore

Who Is The Founder Of AyuRythm?

So it belongs to the co-founders of Ramanath Padmanabhan, Sandeep Acharya, and Abhilash Gupta from Bangalore. The interest of these three is common, they like cricket, running, and golf. For this it is necessary to keep healthy fit, so that is why he started this Ayurveda startup. It provides personalized wellness solutions in a digital way.

AyuRythm Before Shark Tank

This AyuRythm is a B2C business model and affiliate partner with a lot of ayurvedic products. It works on a subscription basis, so now they are about to launch online yoga and meditation plans. After some research, it has been found that the global wellness industry market value is more than $2 trillion right now. Recently he has taken an investment from Anthill ventures.

AyuRythm Get Deal’s In Shark Tank India

The founder of AyuRythm has demanded ₹75 lakhs in exchange for 2% equity of his company in Shark Tank India. This startup is solving a problem but still some burns are working in this problem. Shark has tried to know many things about this startup from the founder.

Yes, AyuRythm is still in business as of August 2023.

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