What Happened To Big Bee Little Bee After Shark Tank?

Big Bee Little Bee is a company that makes innovative products using single-use plastic for the use of kids and adults. Their products are not only environment friendly, but they are also affordable, anyone can afford them.

Mother and daughter team Amy and Marlo Leinbach started this business in 2016 Amy got inspiration from Marlo to invent all these products.

This mother-and-daughter team had built this company through their innovative ideas and their business skills from a small house.

Amy is a hard-working woman, she started a small business at Marlo’s age, and she has done different types of business in her life.

Both of them love the planet very much and wanted to start a business that would not cause much damage to the environment. Keeping this in mind, The Big Bee & The Little Bee Company was born.

‘Big Bee Little Bee’ Appeared in Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 5 and Asked Shark $100,000 for a 20% Equity at a $500K Valuation. Amy & Marlo are creative people, they have invented a lot of creative products.

Big Bee Little Bee Shark Tank Update
Photo Credit: Big Bee Little Bee/Instagram

What Is Big Bee Little Bee?

Big Bee Little Bee is a company that makes different types of unique and innovative products for Kids and Adults, that help reduce single-use plastic. This mother and daughter together invent, develop, and distribute themselves.

It has invented various types of products like the Marker Parker Coloring Organizer, The Scrubee Easy Grip Silicone Scrubber, The Big Scrubee Easy Grip Silicone Scrubber, Build a Straw Easy Clean Sili9cone Straw and Clean Bee Reusable Multi-Purpose Towels.

The goal of all their products is to Reduce single-use plastic. At the beginning of the business, Amy & Marlo made the first product, Scrubee.

The Original ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber was their winning product, which started the growth of this business.

You can find their products on Amazon and their official website in the range of $6 to $69.99.

Company NameBig Bee Little Bee
FounderAmy Leinbach and Marlo Leinbach
Productinnovative products
Asked For$100K for a 20% Equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S14 E5
Air DateOct 21, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersHuntington Beach, California, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$1.7M *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Big Bee Little Bee?

The owner of the company ‘Big Bee Little Bee’ is Amy Leinbach, who is a former teacher as well as an entrepreneur, who has been doing voice-over work since she was a kid. Marlo is an inventor like her mother as well as a very good student. Marlo wants to become a voice-over artist by following in her mother’s footsteps.

Amy Leinbach

After studying Bachelor of Arts, in Telecommunications from Pepperdine University, Amy also studied MS, in Educational Administration at the same university.

Amy was moving ahead with a business mindset at a young age, she has done a lot of business, it includes Online EDge, EdgewiseOnline, and Balance Bead.

In 2016, she started a new business named ‘Big Bee, Little Bee’ and is still working on it.

Big Bee Little Bee Before Shark Tank

Amy is a good mother as well as a good entrepreneur and she has been doing her own business for 12 years. Amy has all that knowledge related to business and she is using her skills very well.

When Amy was in Marlo age, she ran a lot of business from her basement. It ran many things including restaurants, travel agencies, movie theaters, schools, and a donut shop.

She has got a lot of support from her parents and brothers. After that Amy and her daughter started this ‘Big Bee Little Bee’ business together. Amy had to say in this that she got inspiration from her daughter to do this.

As of now, their award-winning product has been liked by 50,000+ families and their product is available in 500+ stores which includes Uncommon Goods, Buybuy Baby, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Amy has mentioned on her website that she will contribute 1% of her sales to non-profit organizations.

To grow this business, along with investment, the right mentor is needed, so Amy decided to take help from sharks.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Big Bee Little Bee?

Mother and daughter Amy, Marlo entered Shark Tank with her company Big Bee Little Bee and asked the sharks $100k for a 20% equity. They explained about their business to Shark and told about their journey.

They told Shark about one of their products, Marker Parker, and also explained how it is used. Marlo drew all the sharks with her drawing pen and the shark liked it. Marlo age is 7.5 years.

This marker is Parker’s selling cost of $15 and is made for about $3. They have multiple products in their business but their hero product is silicone scrubbers. Last year they had a sale of $230,000 for the entire business but silicone scrubbers had the highest sales of around 80%.

Their last year gross was $97,000 and they have profitable with $22,000. 2022 This year they has made $110,000 so far but their silicone scrubbers product is not the first half in it. They hasn’t made any profit from their sales so far this year and has lost $77,000.

Kevin O’Leary said that he is not the right partner for this business, although his product is good, but he is out. After this Mark, Lori, Emma and Robert also got out.

Finalize: Big Bee Little Bee didn’t get deal in Shark Tank.

What Happened To Big Bee Little Bee After Shark Tank?

This business did not get a deal in Shark Tank because the sales of their product were not so effective and they had lost $77k in 2022.

Shark said to the entrepreneur that you should focus on one product and make it successful and then move forward. Due to multiple products, there is a lack of focus in the business, so it is not able to do much sales.

Amy has given very good education to her daughter Marlo. Marlo is a talented kid who is very talented for her age.

We hope Amy will take this shark guide as a challenge and try to steer her business in the right direction.

Big Bee Little Bee Shark Tank Update

The ‘Big Bee Little Bee’ Business Is Taking On Its Unique Thought Founder Amy Says She Wants To Reduce Plastic Waste About Her Products. This type of business idea has been added to Shark Tank in the past, but Amy & Marlo’s business story is an inspiration for startups person.

Big Bee Little Bee didn’t get investment in Shark Tank but we expect their sales to increase.

We’re following Amy Leinbach and Marlo Leinbach along with their company for further updates.

What Is Big Bee Little Bee’s Net Worth?

It has been more than 7 years since the company started, it is in 2022 and till now its sale is also very good. If Amy wants to grow her business then she needs a marketing expert. On a sale basis, Big Bee Little Bee’s net worth is approximately $250,000.

Is Big Bee Little Bee Still In Business?

To keep the earth safe, it is necessary to reduce the amount of plastic. To reduce the way in which the use of plastic is being grown, many companies are reducing ‘single-use plastic’.

The ‘Big Bee Little Bee’ company is focusing on manufacturing the product by reducing the use of plastic.

This company’s first product ‘Silicon Scrubber’ sold very well on Amazon and other platforms. This product is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon and 85% of buyers rated it 5 stars.

This business was featured by many media publications, including The View, Good Morning America, WomensHealth, and many more.

This business also received the 2019 National Parenting Product Awards which is a huge achievement for a business.

Yes, Big Bee Little Bee is still in business as of December 2022.

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