What Happened To FairyTail Pet Care After Shark Tank?

FairyTail Pet Care is a wedding pet care company. This company was started in 2015 by two friends, Ilana Mobely-Karcinski and Kelly Nova. Both of them have been friends since the age of 13.

The idea of ​​this company came to them in 2015 when they were working in a hotel based in Tampa. They thought that many couples would like to include their pets on their special wedding day.

In 2015, they started their wedding pet service in Tampa. Initially, they had difficulty educating people but gradually everything went well. In 2022, they covered their business in a franchise model. Their services are available in Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, and Pittsburgh.

Both of these women appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 4 to expand their franchise business so that the sharks could help them. They have donated $20,000+ to Lokak Animal Shelter so far

What Is FairyTail Pet Care?

FairyTail Pet Care is a franchise-based pet Wedding Service. Their base price is $600, which includes 3 hours of one-pet care and transportation.

This Service includes professional pet care providers, coordination with your vendors, black/white tuxedo bandanas or faux floral collars, and many more. If you want some more service then you can request. The cost of each franchise can range from $12,500-$37,800.

Company NameFairyTail Pet Care
FounderIlana Mobely-Karcinski and Kelly Nova
ProductWedding Pet Care services
Asked For$75k for 10% equity
Final Deal$75k for 22% equity
SharkBarbara Corcoran Barbara Corcoran
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S15 E4
Air DateOct 20, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$203K *estimated
Buy and WatchBuy NowAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of FairyTail Pet Care?

The founders of FairyTail Pet Care Company are two female friends, Ilana Mobely-Karcinski and Kelly Nova. They started this business in 2015.

Ilana Karcinski

Ilana Karcinski has worked as a Sales Manager at Hilton Tampa Westshore for 2 years. Before this, she worked in a food company and restaurant. She is the co-founder of this company.

Kelly Nova

Kelly Nova is another co-founder of this company. She has worked as a Group Coordinator at Hilton Hotels & Resorts for 2 years.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of FairyTail Pet Care?

After entering Shark Tank, both Ilana and Kelly asked the sharks for $75,000 for 10% equity. They Explained Their Weddings Pet Care Business Model to the Sharks. For 3 hours they charge $600 per dog and for additional hours they charge $100.

They pay 9% royalty on Gross Sales to the Franchise Owner. They started the franchise in 2022 and till now they have sold the franchise in 4 location for 14 territories.

By 2022 they had sales of $123,000 and their net margin is 70%. They are the oldest franchise in Las Vegas and their top performing franchise generating $2,200 in revenue per month.

Last Year They Made $80,000 from Franchise and $123,000 from Tampa. Robert Herjavec said he is out because it is not an investable business for him.

Barbara Corcoran offered $75k for 25% equity. Kevin O’Leary offered $75k for 33% + another partner. Kelly countered Barbara with 15% equity but Barbara said no. Kelly did another counter 20% equity Barbara said that she can deal in 22% equity. The founders accepted this offer of Barbara.

What Happened To FairyTail Pet Care After Shark Tank?

FairyTail Pet Care gets a deal on Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran invested $75k in this company. Barbara is a great partner because she has worked in the franchise business and understands the industry.

What’s new on FairyTail Pet Care

Last Update: October, 2023

After this episode of Shark Tank aired, the official website of FairyTail Pet Care has been redesigned.

FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank Update

After this business appeared on Shark Tank, thousands of visitors visited its official website. This business has caught the attention of many people, maybe in the future people will take their services.

What Is FairyTail Pet Care Net Worth?

FairyTail Pet Care’s net worth is estimated at $0.5 million. This company has been providing Pet Care Services for many years. This company did not have any competitors in the beginning but now many have emerged. Founders may have to face many difficulties in the coming times.

Annual Revenue by Years

Note: This report is based on our research and data so far. In this, we are only estimating the annual revenue.

YearsAnnual Revenue
2023 *estimated
2022$203k *estimated

Funding Reports to Date!

YearsFunding AmountInvestor
2023$75kBarbara Corcoran

Is FairyTail Pet Care Still In Business?

Till now they have included 1000+ pets in special events and weddings. Every year they donate some amount to the pet shelter.

The headquarters of this company is in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States and it employs 11-50 people according to its LinkedIn profile.

Yes, FairyTail Pet Care is still in business as of October 2023.

frequently asked questions

Who founded FairyTail Pet Care?

FairyTail Pet Care was founded by Ilana Mobely-Karcinski and Kelly Nova in 2015.

Did FairyTail Pet Care get a deal on Shark Tank?

Wedding pet care company FairyTail Pet Care got a deal on Shark Tank. Shark Barbara Corcoran had funded this business.

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