Gopal 56 Shark Tank India Update (Season 1)

Are You Looking for a Gopal 56 Shark Tank India Update? This Gopal 56 is India’s first ice cream and shake brand which was started in 1983 in New Delhi. Gopal 56 is a very big ice cream brand in India in today’s time, which has opened its outlets in many states of India in recent times. In this article, we will discuss Gopal 56 Shark Tank, Founder, Valuation.

This Gopal 56 Indian Ice Cream Brand is a very famous brand of India which is also known as a very big brand of India right now. Like Gopal 56 ice cream brand, today many brands run in India like Amul, Cornetto, Snowbell ice cream, etc.

The market value of ice cream in the global market is $97,301 million. Ice cream is very much liked in every country. Children like to eat ice cream the most, it is the highest sale in the summer season.

In today’s time, many brands have made every child’s favorite ice cream brand because of their quality, so Gopal 56 is one such brand. Right now a lot of things are made through ice cream.

What Is Gopal 56?

Gopal 56 is a globally popular Ice Cream & Shake Brand. It manufactures different flavors of Ice cream and Shakes. The people of the city area know this Gopal 56 ice cream brand, and so far it has become very popular in the village area.

Gopal 56 Ice Cream brand was started in 1983 by the Late Shri Dinesh Chand Goyal by selling his wife’s gold. This brand was first started in Delhi, this brand was successful due to its quality and different flowers at the time of launch.

Gopal’s 56 is currently a successful ice cream brand that is currently working on a franchise model. Its five outlets have opened in New Delhi so far. All their ice creams are 100% vegetarian and oil-free. There are some popular flavors in their ice creams which are very much liked by people like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Curcumin, and Brahmi.

Company NameGopal 56
FounderDr Gaurav Goyal
BusinessShakes & Ice Cream Flavours
Asked For₹300 Crores for 25% Equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Deals
Episode (Shark Tank India)S1 E11
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth₹1200 Crores *estimated

Who is the Founder of Gopal 56?

Gopal 56’s Founder Late Shri Dinesh Chand Goyal and his wife, Late Smt. Rajni Devi Goyal. After the death of his father, this ice cream brand’s founder and director is Dr. Gaurav Goyal. Founder Shri Dinesh Chand Goyal was an educated person, he studied up to 12th in Delhi and he had very good business knowledge.

Dinesh Chand Goyal‘s journey from a paan shop, a juice shop to an ice cream shop has been a long one. Dinesh Chand Goyal has worked hard to grow this ice cream business, as a result of which this ice cream brand is so successful today.

Dinesh’s son Gaurav Goyal has also given all his time to grow this business. After completing his MBA studies at IP University Studied BBA at Pestley Weed College (Dehradun).

Gaurav Goyal is the Managing Director of a GIC International Private Limited Company and the owner of Gopal’s56 brand.

Founder Gaurav Goyal, after being featured in Shark Tank India, asked for ₹300 crores in exchange for 25% of his company’s shares. This is Shark Tank India’s first-ever high-amount deal. All India Sharks are quite surprised by this offer from the founder.

Gopal 56 Shark Tank India Update

Gopal 56 Ice Cream Brand After you in Shark Tank India, many people of India started knowing this brand. This brand has been promoted for free on Sony TV, many people are testing the ice cream of this brand at present and people also like it very much. After Appearing in Shark Tank India, there has been a growth of 38% in the sale.

The current valuation of the Gopal 56 ice cream brand is 70 billion in 2021. Every year their ice cream sells 56 billion, and the demand for this ice cream is very high in every major city in India. The founder says that he will launch Gopal 56 in the international market in the coming April 2022.

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