Dorje Teas Shark Tank India Update (Season 2)

Dorje Teas is a tea startup that delivers organic authentic tea to customers. All their tea products are organic and natural and they import from direct farmers. This company sells its products all over India on an online, offline, and subscription basis.

Dorje Tees company founders Sparsh Agrawal and Ishaan Kanoria launched this business in April 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic. The founder comes from Darjeeling and their family has been doing tea business for a long time.

There are about 10,000 tea gardens in India and 87 tea gardens are in Darjeeling and its surrounding areas. They realized that there are many Indians who are not able to afford organic and natural tea because there is a middleman in between.

Dorje Teas Direct connects the customer with the tea garden and organic tea reaches the customer at a moderate price. Sparsh and Ishaan both appeared in Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 1 with their company and demanded ₹30 Lakhs for 5% equity at a ₹6 Crores Valuation from the sharks.

What Is Dorje Teas?

Dorje Teas is an organic and natural subscription-based Tea startup. It delivers teas from farms to direct customers at an affordable price. It sells Tea packs online on a subscription basis and normally through its website all over India.

They have 5 tea farms in Selim Hills and their Selim Hills products are 100% organic USDA certified. They sell different types of tea, including Chamomile Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Gondhoraj Lemon Honey Tea, and many more

They also sell a variety of flavors of black tea and green tea. The average price range of their Teas is from ₹200 to ₹1000.

You can buy Dorje Teas from Amazon and the company’s website.

Company NameDorje Teas
FounderSparsh Agrawal and Ishaan Kanoria
FoundedApril 2021
Businesssubscription-based tea startup
Asked For₹30 Lakhs for 5% equity
Final Deal₹30 Lakhs for 15% equity
SharkPeyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh
Episode (Shark Tank India)S2 E1
Air DateJan 2, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Now
HeadquartersDarjeeling, West Bengal, India
Lifetime Worth (Sales)₹2.5 Cores *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

 Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Dorje Teas?

Sparsh Agarwal is the co-founder of Dorje Teas Company and Ishaan Kanoria is the other Co-Founder & CEO of this company. Both of them are close friends, In 2021 they started this company in Darjeeling.

Ishaan is a Bachelor of Science graduate and has done his graduation from Università Bocconi. After working as an M&A Analyst at Duff & Phelps for 1 year, he left his job and started his tea business.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Dorje Teas?

Sparsh Agarwal and Ishaan Kanoria both entered Shark Tank India and demanded ₹30 lakhs from the sharks for 5% equity. They had pitched their product to the sharks with their business journey story.

Sharks tasted this tea and they liked the taste of tea. India’s tea market is ₹1.2 lakh crores and Darjeeling tea market holds a 1% share in it about ₹1,500 crores.

They charge ₹2,100 as an annual subscription. The founder says that they will do a business of ₹100 crores within 5 years. Their sales in the last month of August 2022 were ₹11 lakhs.

In 2022, their sales will be up to ₹1.5 crores. Their gross margin in this business is 75% and they are making a loss in net margin. Their cash Burn is ₹2 lakhs on monthly ₹11 lakhs revenue.

They raised a total of ₹8.5 Crores and out of that ₹6.5 Crores were raised from Brand Capital and the rest ₹2 Crores were raised from Angel Investors and HNI. They raised ₹8.5 crore in funding at a Valuation of up to ₹32 Crore on a Convertible note.

They currently have ₹20 to ₹25 lakhs cash in this funding. Both of them have a 50% stake in this business.

Aman Gupta says that he finds the vision a little small, and then he is out. Namita Thapar said that there is a disconnect in this business, she is out.

Vineeta Singh made an offer of ₹30 lakhs for 10% equity at a ₹3 Crores valuation. Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, and Vineeta offered ₹30 lakhs for a 15% equity at a ₹2 Crores valuation. The founder agreed to this deal.

Finalize: Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh invested ₹30 Lakhs in “Dorje Teas” for for 15% equity.

Dorje Teas Shark Tank India Update

Dorje Teas got a deal in Shark Tank India. Anupam, Vineeta, and Peyush invested in this tea business of Darjeeling at a valuation of ₹2 crores.

This company has raised a lot of investment and its net margin is still running at a loss. Hope Sharks will try to make this business profitable and will help in exporting Selim Hills Teas all over the world.

After this business appeared in Shark Tank India, many people shared their opinions about this business on social media platforms.

Many people congratulated @DorjeTeas after they got an investment in Shark Tank India. This company also sells its tea outside India.

After the Shark Tank India episode of Dorje Teas aired, many people gave positive reviews to this business. The annual revenue of this company in 2022 was ₹1.5 crores and the founder is projecting to make a revenue of ₹100 crores in 5 years.

We’re following Sparsh Agrawal and Ishaan Kanoria along with their company for further updates.

What Is Dorje Teas’s Net Worth?

This company had sought investment in Shark Tank at a valuation of 6 Crores, But looking at the performance of the company, sharks invested in Dorje Teas worth 2 Crores.

The valuation of India’s tea industry is ₹1.2 lakh crores. Assam and West Bengal is the largest tea-production state in India. The largest tea exporting country in the world is China and it exports around $2.30 billion US tea to the world.

This premium tea brand from Darjeeling has been running since 2021 and this company had raised ₹8.5 crores funding before coming to Shark Tank India.

Many popular Indian media publications have featured the brand, including the Economic Times, The Telegraph, Times of India, Economic Times, and many more.

This company’s headquarters is in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, and a total of 5 to 10 people are working in it.

Yes, Dorje Teas is still in business as of April 2024.

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