What Happened To KIN Apparel After Shark Tank?

Are You Looking for KIN Apparel Shark Tank Updates? KIN Apparel is a small startup in the USA that makes Apparel. Apparel is a very big industry, the people who love it are in the millions. Kin Apparel is a hooded apparel startup participating in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 1.

Kin Apparel is a business manufacturing satin-lined hoodies for hair care as well as a variety of accessories. Most of its products use satin instead of cotton because Stain doesn’t damage the hair. There is more benefit in a Stain than simple cotton.

You get a lot of benefits through Stine Apparel, this includes Minimizes Friction, Retains Moisture, Prevents Frizz, Reduces Breakage, Reduces Hair Loss, and Reduces Dry Hair.

Currently, there are very few such products in the market, which have been made using satin-lined, the same cotton is used in everything. However, why not have many benefits in satin?

Philomina Kane, the founder of Kin Apparel, is a great natural hair influencer and on YouTube, more than 186k ​​people are subscribed to her channel NaturallyPhilo.

Philomina Kane started this KIN Haircare company in April 2020 to provide people with the best clothes for their hair care. She went to Shark Tank for funding and asked the sharks for $200,000 for 10% equity at a $2 million valuation.

KIN Apparel Shark Tank Update
Credit: KIN Apparel

What Is KIN Apparel?

KIN apparel is a satin-lined hoodie for hair care enthusiasts. Apart from hoodies, many other accessories are made related to hair care. In the “KIN Apparel” business, KIN means “keep it naturally”.

This is the real name of the company KIN Haircare because it only makes and sells products related to hair care. Each of their clothing products is made from the highest quality satin fabric as it gives the softest, silkiest feel.

It is also manufacturing hoodies as well as hats, Airport Sets, Pillowcases, Car headrest Covers, Scrunchies & Headbands.

The satin lined hoodies come in 11 different colors and different sizes. This is for both males and females. Currently, the price of these Hoodies is 39.99 – 84.99.

Company NameKIN Apparel
FounderPhilomina Kane
FoundedApril 2020
ProductSatin Lined Hoodies for Hair Care
Asked For$200k for 10% equity
Final Deal$200k for 30% equity
SharkEmma Grede and Lori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E1
Air DateOct 8, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$1 Million *estimated
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Go To AmazonBuy Now

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of KIN Apparel?

Kin Apparel is Founder & CEO, Content Creator, Digital Marketer & Social Media Influencer, Philomina Kane. She started this company on April 2020. KIN Haircare is revolutionizing hair care with fashion and inclusion

Philomina comes from Ghanaian culture and she loves her grandma. She has lived with her Grandma in Ghana for 5 years.

After completing her degree from Princeton University, she started working as Marketing Director at the NaturAll Club.

She started her part-time YouTube career in May 2014, she makes videos related to hair care tips, etc. on YouTube. She currently has +186K subscribers on her YouTube channel and the lifetime total has crossed 13 million views.

KIN Apparel Before Shark Tank

Philomina is a Social Media Influencer and she markets the product by creating videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. When she started her company in 2020, she was doing a marketing job in a company.

She left that job for her business, although she was also doing YouTube part-time. First of all, she started selling satin-lined hoodies to her YouTube subscriber, slowly her business also started growing.

Because this hoodie was used to protect hair and the content on the YouTube channel was also related to hair care, then She got a targeted audience.

She started with 50-100 Hoodies. She used to feature this product in it by making videos on YouTube. After this, she started promoting this hoodie on other social media platforms as well. The designs were quite colorful and the hoodies looked attractive too.

Philomina promotes its product very well through YouTube, due to which they also get good sales. It ships the product to International Countries which include the US, Canada, UK, Ghana, etc.

She decided that if they want to grow her business, then she need to get funding from the sharks in Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of KIN Apparel?

Philomina Kane entered Shark Tank with Kin Apparel and asked Shark for $200,000 for 10% equity. Philomina told Shark about her business story and background. Her pitch was very good.

This product is manufactured in China and their thick hoodies cost $13.7 in making landed costs of $16.75 and a selling price of $80. The margin of this product is quite good and the shark liked it too.

In 2020, this company was started with $500, This amount was used for marketing only. With this, she made $246,000, and this year in 2021 she has so far made $355,000. In this, their customer acquisition cost is zero. She currently has $150,000 in her bank.

Kevin says that he has become successful in everything except the hair care category, so he is out for this reason. Barbara says you are chaotic poetry in motion, she doesn’t think sharks are needed for this business. So she’s out of it.

Emma Grede & Lori are interested to deal with this business so she offered $200k for a 30% equity. Philomina countered by 20% and the shark said no. Philomina made another counteroffer of 25% equity but this too was refused by Shark.

Finalize: Emma Grade & Lori invested $300K in KIN Apparel for 30% equity.

What Happened To KIN Apparel After Shark Tank?

Kin Apparel signed a deal with Shark Emma Grade & Lori for 30% equity at a $1 Millions valuation. Philomina became very emotional in Shark Tank when she was narrating her struggle story to the shark.

Philomina is an Influencer and she is also a Marketing Expert, she has a lot of knowledge about Marketing. So they only did $500 to $246,000 in sales.

The founder has marketed her business very well and she is currently working full-time in this business. In the present time, this social media is doing paid marketing.

The episode of Shark Tank was very good for this business, this business got a lot of orders since this episode aired.

On October 17, 2021, Kin Apparel shared a video in which she was shipping thousands of dollars worth of Hoodies and other accessories products.

On October 29, 2021, Philomina with her business was featured on the Fox 29 Philadelphia channel. Philomina was featured in Inc Magazine on March 25, 2022.

KIN Apparel Shark Tank Update

After Kin Apparel got the deal in Shark Tank, this company would have done millions of dollars in sales, Because she shared a video in which she was shipping too many products.

As of September 2022, no evidence has been received so far on whether Emma & Lori has closed the deal with the business or not. We don’t have any reports about the annual sales of this business yet.

What Is KIN Apparel Net Worth?

This business has not released its sales report yet. So KIN Apparel’s net worth as of now we think is around $1 million. Philomina is currently marketing her business and she has been successful in it.

Is KIN Apparel Still In Business?

Philomina is a marketing expert, she knows how to promote a product. It makes hair care tips videos on its YouTube channel. It also promotes its product through YouTube.

Philomina is currently doing this business full-time. In 2022, the name of “KIN Apparel” was changed to “KIN Haircare”.

Right now this business is mostly being marketed on social media. She currently has +164k followers on her Business Instagram account.

As of September 2022, her YouTube channel NaturallyPhilo is not active from January 2021 onwards.

Yes, KIN Apparel is still in business as of September 2022.

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