What Happened To Fitfighter After The Shark Tank?

Founder Sarah Apgar featured her company FitFighter in Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 5. In this show, Sarah asked the shark for $250,000 for 15% Equity. This product is designed for a full-body strength and resistance training. Following this ask, this company is valued at $1.6 million in the shark tank.

FitFighter Steelhose Strength System is a unique soft free weight plus training, designed to build strength and charge the whole body, This gives freshness to the body and the body is now ready to do any work.

Talking about steel hoses, it works like free weights and resistance tools, with this you can lift, swing, drag, toss, and drop. He is safe to touch as well as weak, and easy to transport and store.

With the help of this, you can do training anywhere like gym, home, park, yard, basement, beach, turf, or training room.

Steelhose with FitFighter’s training platform provides you with full-body exercises that keep your health at bay better than other workouts.

The user does not have to worry about the training of steelhose For that, she has provided sessions on her platform, and she will help you.

By exercising through this product, you can benefit your body, mind, and spirit. Under this, your daily life will be happy and it will be good to work too.

If you do full-body exercise, then for that you have to buy a lot of equipment, whose cost goes more than thousand of dollars.

It becomes very expensive, if someone is short of money then it becomes impossible for him to afford it.

The same if you go to GYM, then you have to pay on a subscription basis, this is also not correct.

To solve such things, FitFighter Steelhose Strength System presents its product, Steelhose, which is One solution of Dumbbell, Kittlebell, Vipr, Valslide, Jam-Ball, etc equipment.

This is a new technique of exercising, it will completely change your life. Do daily workouts and keep your health condition completely fit.

What is Fitfighter?

Launched in 2013, Fitfighter is a steelhose multiple full-body workout solution from the wellness and fitness services industry.

This is a steelhose product that works with multiple workout equipment to make it a full-body workout.

There is no need to buy different types of equipment for working out, this is a steelhose product that is capable of doing full-body workouts.

With this you can do different types of workouts, it includes hot potato, swing, chop, push-up, slam, etc.

Fitfighter offers workout training sessions on its platform, For this, people will have to be a member of their training class, in this first one gets a free trial. After that, he charges $125 for the 30-day training program.

Firefighter’s material has been used in steelhose, it comes with firehose and steel shot which are very strong and very strong.

It comes in different sizes (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 LBs) and the price varies according to its size.

Fitfighter Shark Tank Update

Company NameFitfighter
FounderSarah Apgar
Productfull body strength and resistance training tool made from a recycled fire hose
Asked For$250,000 for 15% Equity
Final Deal$250,000 for 25% Equity
SharkDaniel Lubetzky
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 12 Episode 5
Air DateNovember 13, 2020
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$1 Million *estimated

Fitfighter Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaLinkedin
PlaceBaltimore, Maryland, United State

Who Is The Founder Of Fitfighter? – Sarah Apgar Shark Tank

Sarah Apgar is the founder and CEO of FitFighter.

Sarah worked as a Marketing and Business Development Analyst in the US Army Corps of Engineers for 2 years.

After her service as a second lieutenant in the 52nd Engineer Battalion in Iraq, Sarah returned to civilian life in the States.

After that she left and started working as a volunteer in the Fire Department in Huntington.

After completing her bachelor’s from Princeton University, she did her MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

After earning her degree, she worked at Warby Parker for more than 4 years and left as Director, New Stores, and Facilities post.

Fitfighter Before Shark Tank

The earlier story in Fitfighter Shark Tank is full of motivation. Founder Sarah developed this product by learning and experiencing a lot of things.

When Sarah used to work in Firefighter, she had experienced in it how different the training of a firefighter is and always gives her physical importance.

Firefighter has always kept their health condition fit because their work is based on it, Sometimes firefighters are not able to work due to their health condition issue.

To solve this problem, Sarah experimented with different types of exercise routines. After that, he developed a free weight-specific routine.

This routine of her has become popular among many firefighters and it teaches him how to keep his health fit.

For the first time in 2019, this product was introduced in the mainstream fitness market. The FitFighter routine was adopted by some firefighting organizations across the country, including the FDNY Fire Training Academy and San Diego Fire-Rescue Academy.

Seeing its benefits, GYMs, many sportspersons, individual athletes, etc. started including it in their workout routine.

After the arrival of the Pandemic, there were very few GYMs that were providing online workout sessions. To fulfill this workout need of people, FitFighter launched iOS App-based digital training platform in which they provide training.

Did Fitfighter Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Fitfighter Founder Sarah Asked $250,000 for 15% Equity After Appearing in Shark Tank Her presentation was simple. She tried to understand the shark about his product in very simple language.

Sarah gave a complete demo section of her product to Shark and Shark liked it very much.

Her first client for her company was the Fire Service.

She launched the company for $210,000, it was funded by friends and family. In this, her 50k was her own money.

We have partnered with Sorinex Exercise Equipment to scale our business In May. Sorinex is the largest equipment manufacturing company.

She also has a contract with the United States Army to provide the new Army Combat Fitness Test. This is a perfect tool to train a soldier.

In the B2B market concept, she had sold $45,000 in July 2019. On January 1st, 2020, he had a partnership with Sorinex. The b2b market was completely shut down during the pandemic.

After that, she thought that she should shift her product to the D2C concept. Generated $40,000 in the time of April and May 2020. In 10 weeks, she had done this sales generation.

She used digital ads like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. to bring the customer to her product. She developed her iOS app online training platform in which she can give workout training to the customer.

Her app model was free, had a $19 a month option, then she had only 302 subscribers.

Mark says that your focus regarding this business is not right about your business, you are busy in different types of things. Because of this Mark is out of this offer.

Kevin says he’s not going to invest because he’s been competing against himself. So that’s why he’s out of it.

Robert had to say about this business offer that what I have learned in this industry, Is you got to move really fast. and if you have not moved online already, I don’t know if you can make that transition at this point I’m Out.

Daniel Lubetzky said that he has incredible potential and is inspired by his story. I have two offers. Offer 1: Daniel and Lori at $250K for 30%
Offer: $250K for 25%

Lori Greiner says she is not yet ready to enter into this business deal with Daniels, But she believes that Daniel is a good partner for this business.

Sarah made a counter offer to Daniels of $250k for 20% equity but Daniels declined the counteroffer.

Finally, Sarah agreed with Daniel’s offer of $250k for 25% equity.

What Happened To Fitfighter After Shark Tank?

FitFighter found a great CO partner in Shark Tank with Daniels, an American Mexican billionaire and founder of kindsnacks.

Daniel understands B2B and B2C markets very well and he can grow this business by using his knowledge and skills.

Even in June 2022, Daniel is maintaining his deal with FitFighter, he has mentioned this in his portfolio.

Sarah told that this episode of Shark Tank had generated sales of $250,000 a few weeks after its release.

Her sales reached $900,000 after 3 months after the episode’s release. Daniel helped him grow his business online. Daniels helped bring the goods to Dick’s Sporting, which resulted in a $250,000 purchase order.

Sarah donated $10,000 to Tunnels To Towers. A report was released in August 2021 which stated that the company has generated annual revenue of $900,000 – $1 million.

Where Can You Buy Fitfighter?

If you are interested in buying Fitfighter, then let me inform you that this product is available on Amazon as well as on its website.

Prior to Pandemic, this product was available only in offline marker b2b but it is available in many workout equipment retail stores in the United States.

It comes in sizes (5 – 40 lbs) with prices ranging from $75 to $145. If you take their online training program, then it comes from $95 to $125, it has different programs.

ImageCredit: fitfighter.com

What Is Fitfighter Net Worth?

Fitfighter has got a deal in Shark Tank, its current co-partner is Daniel. So right now Fitfighter net worth can be up to around $1 million. In 2020, this company had sold $ 900,000 which is a huge figure.

It remains to be seen how far this company’s valuation goes in the coming time.

Fitfighter’s Net Worth$1 Million *Approx

Is Fitfighter Still In Business?

This Fitfighter is running quite well even in June 2022. This company has grown by changing its marketing concept with Shark Tank.

The company has started selling gift cards, t-shirts, bottles, etc. along with steelhose equipment.

She is focusing on her B2C more than the B2B marker. Many people are joining their online workout training.

Their subscription based online trying program is slowly getting bigger.

After Shark Tank, it was featured in many big channels and magazines, it includes Men’s Health, Oxygen, Musical & Fitness, Espn, Today, and etc.

Images Credit: Amazon.com & fitfighter.com