What Happened To No Limbits After The Shark Tank?

Appeared in No Limbits Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18 disabilities is a brand that makes jeans for style and comfort. These No Limbits are not only made of stylish jeans but they are working to make sensory-friendly, wheelchairs. The founder of this brand has asked for $100,000 equity in exchange for 6% of her company’s share in Shark Tank.

There are many brands that make stylish jeans for men and women. However, there are very few brands that take care of the comfort and fashion style of people with these disabilities.

According to the Statista.com report, in 2019, 14 Million of the United States had different types of disabilities calculated.

Out of these 14 Million disabilities, there is some percent of the people come in the disability related to the leg.

People who fall in this disability category have very little option. Because it comes in a small percentage, so the company does not give importance to making jeans for them.

Cole, the founder of this brand, had a car accident, in 2018 she lost her leg. After that, she started having a lot of difficulties wearing her dress, she became frustrated due to this problem.

The real reason for her frustration was that she was finding it painful to wear the dress she was wearing earlier. She himself started searching for the solution to this problem and in this, she made a pair of jeans with her design skills.

It is a jeep from her jean, which she was not able to wear jeans due to leg loss, she can wear it comfortably now.

What Is No Limbits?

No Limbits Iowa City, Iowa, United States Base is a new-to-wear adaptive clothing brand for people with disabilities. It’s not just simple clothes, they have also created great-fitting adaptive wheelchair jeans.

No Limbits Shark Tank Update

The design patterns of their genes are very different, it has been designed keeping in mind the Amp Pant, soft, comfortable, and flattering for leg-loss people only.

It makes jeans and sensory-friendly clothes for both men and women. The zipper given in both the legs of these jeans is hidden from both sides, due to which people do not guess whether it is a disability or not.

This product is available in different sizes for men and women. It gives a stylish look and gets rid of the restricted movement, irritating materials, and in some instances, pressure sores.

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No Limbits Shark Tank Update

Company NameNo Limbits
FounderErica Cole
Productready-to-wear adaptive clothing brand for people with disabilities
Asked For$100,000 For 6% Equity
Final Deal$100,000 For 10% Equity
SharkMark Cuban, Emma Grede
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 13 Episode 18
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$1 Million *Approx

No Limbits Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaLinkedin
PlaceIowa City, Iowa, United States

Who Is The Founder Of No Limbits? – Erica Cole Shark Tank

The founder & CEO of Erica Cole is No Limbits. She started this startup in January 2019 in Iowa City, Iowa Area. Starting with her personal problem, it took more than 1 year till her to become a startup idea.

Founder Cole is a disabled woman who lost her leg in a car accident. She completed her studies in Chemistry Bachelor from the University of Iowa.

After her studies, she worked as a Target Incubator Fellow in Target Company for 3 months. After that, She worked for a few years in Future Founders, Halcyon. In 2019, she launched her own startup.

No Limbits Shark Tank Update

No Limbits Before Shark Tank

At the time of the debut, the founder of No Limbits participated in the pitch competition, Iowa JPEC IdeaStorm. After becoming the winner in this, she got positive thinking to convert this idea into a successful startup.

In this way, she became a winner by participating in many startup competitions. After her Kickstarter campaign was successful, she got funding from enthusiastic investors.

According to CrunchBase, She has taken her funding from 2 investors which is worth $50k. It is growing slowly right now, their every month sale is coming very well.

She generated sales of $100,000 in online and offline markets.

What Happened To No Limbits After Shark Tank?

No Limbits brand manufactures clothes for disabled people but its popularity was not yet achieved due to lack of money.

These brands were not able to do so much marketing right now that all the people have information about this product. If there was information, then those people would not be able to trust this product.

After the Shark Tank show, the marketing of this brand was done for free and millions of people started knowing about this product.

Gradually, the growth of this product also started, the founder got a very good profit from this growth.

Where Can You Buy No Limbits?

You will not find this product on Amazon or any other platform right now, you will get it only on their official website.

Both the men’s and women’s jeans are priced at $70 and are available in grey, blue, and black colors.

If you order products worth more than $100, you will get free shipping during their offer.

Did No Limbits Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Founder Erica Cole went to Shark Tank 04/01/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 18 with a positive attitude.

The founder gave Shark a lot of information about her product like need, user, feature scope, etc. This is a problem-solving product that makes Zipper Jeans for disabled people who have lost their legs.

These jeans do not create any problem in her fashion style, else it provides her with a new stylish look.

After solving her problem, the founder has come to Shark Tank to get funding to solve the problem of other people like him.

So the founder demands $100,000 from the shark in Shark Tank in exchange for 6% of the company’s shares.

Emma Grede showed interest to invest in this startup and she offered Mark Cuban to join it with her.

In front of Cole’s offer, Emma counter-offered that he would invest $100,000 in it but wanted 12% equity.

In response to Emma’s counteroffer, Cole made the counteroffer that she wanted $100,000 but would give her 10% equity in the company.

Finally, Emma Grede and Mark Cuban invested $100,000 in this startup in exchange for 10% of the company’s equity.

What Is The No Limbits Net Worth?

The no-Limbits American brand is solving the 14 million disabled problems by giving them a stylish look. Those people who had lost their self-respect because of their bodies are getting good confidence today.

Right now this No Limbits net worth could be around $1.0 million But in the coming time, if it changes its product, then its growth can increase further in the coming time.

Is No Limbits Still In Business?

No Limbits is working for Multiple Purposes, it also makes Stylish Dress, and Wheelchair with Jean. This startup is running quite well even in March 2022.

Consumers buy the products of this company from their official website, it is not available this March 2022 on Amazon or any other online platform.

This is an average gene value product and many people in the Iowa City area of ​​the United States know about this product.

Currently, 1 to 10 employees work in this private company to manufacture the product. The founder and CEO of this brand are Erica Cole.

Shark Tank Air Date: 04/01/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 18

Next, we will give you information about the No Limbits startup.