What Happened To Sheets Laundry Club After Shark Tank?

Sheets Laundry Club is a Laundry detergent Business which makes Fresh, Plastic free, Eco-Friendly and Next level detergent. This business does not only make laundry detergent sheets, it also makes kitchen and self care products.

This Detergent Sheets is completely different from Power & Normal Detergent as it does not need to be poured. After adding this detergent sheets to the washing machine along with the clothes, the clothes become fresh and clean.

coconut oil, polyvinyl alcohol, fatty alcohol polyglycol ether, Protease Enzymes, Osanthus essential oil fragrance are used to make this laundry detergent sheets. (Additional ingredients are used for scents.)

This Laundry Company’s CEO & CO-Founder Chris Videau and Laurian were both in the military for 27 years and have traveled to 20 different countries. Both were concerned that the sea was getting polluted due to plastic.

After doing a lot of research, both of them launched Sheets Laundry Club in December 2019. Chris Campbell joined Videau in this business with the aim of reducing plastic waste.

Chris Videau and Chris Campbell both appeared on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 7 and asked the sharks for $500k for a 5% equity at a $10 Million Valuation.

What Is Sheets Laundry Club?

Sheets Laundry Club is a laundry business that produces sustainable laundry detergent sheets, kitchen and self-care products. The “Detergent Sheets” comes in two variants Fresh Linen & Free & Clear (Unscented) and is safe as well as gluten free & vegan.

Two more products have been added to the laundry category, Wash Scent Boosters and Dryer Sheets. The price of these products is $14.99, $7.64 and $5.09.

Wash Scent Boosters comes in 4 variant scents including Sandbar, Lavender, Uncharted Waters and Sea Breeze. This product is made in the United States.

The kitchen category includes Dishwasher Detergent, Handcrafted Solid Dish and Floor Cleaner products. Apart from all this, it makes natural deodorant, handcrafted shampoo bars and soap etc. self care products.

All the products of this company come with 100% plastic free packaging and it provides both one time payment and subscription model. You can buy all the products of this company on Amazon and its official website.

Company NameSheets Laundry Club
FounderChris Videau and Chris Campbell
FoundedDec 2019
Productsustainable laundry detergent sheets
Asked For$500k for a 5% equity
Final Deal$500k for 8% equity + 2% advisory shares
SharkDaniel Lubetzky
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E7
Air DateNov 19, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersMooresville, North Carolina, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$9.2M *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Sheets Laundry Club?

The CEO & CO-Founder of Sheets Laundry Club is Chris Videau, another CO-Founder of the Company is Chris Campbell. Videau wife Laurian is also a member of this company.

Chris Videau

Videau is an army officer and he was in the military for 20 years. After Mility, he became the franchise owner of Painting with a Twist for 4 years.

Chris Campbell

Campbell is the CEO of a capital management investments company and co-founder of Sheets Laundry Club.

Sheets Laundry Club Before Shark Tank

This business idea came to the company’s CEO and co-founder Chris Videau, and his wife Lauria, after seeing the plastic pollution in the ocean.

When Videau was 18 years old, he joined the army as a military police officer. He graduated from flight School and became a Blackhawk pilot. He has spent 14 years flying helicopters around the world.

His lungs were destroyed in the 2007 and 2008 Iraq war. From this moment the plastic journey of “Videau” started. Around 79% of the world is plastic which is thrown in land and ocean.

Chris & Lauria met Campbell in 2018 and this is where the Sheets Laundry Club business started. According to the founder, the main objective of this business is to protect the environment along with the business.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Sheets Laundry Club?

Chris Videau and Chris Campbell both appeared on Shark Tank and asked the sharks for $500k for a 5% equity. Videau told about this business journey from his military background.

They have 46 different SKU’s and 30 different products. This company started selling in 2020 and the total sale was $2.046 million so far. Their laundry sheets were the most sold, with $2.046 million in sales of $1.2 million only laundry sheets.

Apart from this, they have signed an exclusive agreement with Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark holds the patent for dissolvable laundry detergent sheets. They pay a royalties to “Kimberly-Clark”. Their agreement with “Kimberly-Clark” is till October 2024.

Barbara Corcoran say that “You are not persuasive” so she is out. Kevin O’Leary said “She just called both of you the worst salesman she’s ever seen on “Shark Tank.”.

Videau said it is on track for $7 million this year (2021) and in this they have 24% profit margin. They have 21,000 monthly subscribers and generate $3 million in recurring revenue every year.

They are currently working with the CPG Group and will be listed on the Target supermarket chain in April. Daniel Lubetzky made an offer of $500k for a 10% equity. They said that they would not be able to go above 8%.

Daniel made a counter offer of $500K for an 8% equity + 2% advisory shares. Chris Videau and Chris Campbell both accepted Daniel’s offer.

Finalize: Daniel Lubetzky invest $500k in “Sheets Laundry Club” for 8% equity + 2% advisory shares

What Happened To Sheets Laundry Club After Shark Tank?

Sheets Laundry Club got a deal on Shark Tank. Daniel invested in this company. Lori did not find the valuation of this business right, so she refused to invest in this business.

After this Shark Tank episode aired, many viewers shared their opinion on Twitter.

Daniel made a video with the Sheets laundry product and posted it on his Twitter account, in this he said

Love @sheetslaundry but their brand name was dicey territory for my Mexican accent. Glad I made it through the segment without getting bleeped! #SharkTank


Most people liked this product but its cost expensive. If the price of this product is reduced, then maybe its sale can increase. Videau says that they are going to increase their product line by 2023.

It is the company’s plan that in the coming times, they will add home cleaning products such as kitchen, bathroom and house.

The company teamed up with Samaritan’s Feet and the YMCA for the “Corey LaJoie’s Kickball Klassic” charity event on October 2022.

As of June 2022, this company’s product has become available in more than 261 Harristeeter stores across the United States.

Sheets Laundry Club Shark Tank Update

CO-Founder and CEO Videau said in Shark Tank that they will make $7 million in sales by 2021, there is no evidence yet. We expect this company to sell well after Shark Tank because there was a very good response on Twitter.

This Detergent Sheets product is currently available on Amazon, company website and Harristeeter retail stores. This product is selling very well on Amazon.

In December 2022, we have not received any evidence that Daniel Lubetzky has closed the deal.

We’re following Chris Videau and Chris Campbell along with their company for further updates.

What Is Sheets Laundry Club Net Worth?

This laundry business on Shark Tank asked for a $10 million valuation, however most sharks didn’t find this valuation right. But the annual sales rate of this business is very good, the founder said that they will reach $2 million to $7 million in 1 year.

Based on last year’s growth, we estimate Sheets Laundry Club to be worth $10 million. This company is growing rapidly and is planning to launch many more products in the coming times.

Is Sheets Laundry Club Still In Business?

Laundry Sheets product sale is good on amazon and this product is rated 4.5 out of 5. So far this product has received 18,086 global ratings on Amazon.

So far the company has been featured by multiple media publications including NY Times, Men’s Health and many more.

The current headquarter of this company is in Mooresville, North Carolina and total 10 to 50 employees are working in it.

According to the Similaweb report, there are about 60% people who visit the company website directly.

Yes, Sheets Laundry Inc is still in business as of December 2022.

Did Sheets Laundry Club get a Shark Tank deal?

Yes’ Sheets Laundry Club got a deal on Shark Tank. Daniel Lubetzky invested $500k in this company in return for 8% equity + 2% advisory shares

Is Sheets Laundry Club made in USA?

Most of Sheets Laundry Club’s products are made in the United States, such as Wash Scent Boosters.

Where is Sheets Laundry Club’s headquarters?

Sheets Laundry Club’s headquarters are in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States.

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