What Happened To Suds2Go After Shark Tank?

Suds2Go is a portable handwash system featured in Season 12, Episode 21 of the show Shark Tank. The founder of Suds2Go is hopeful that he will get a deal on this Shark Tank show, what happens next, Suds2Go will know about him.

Due to the pandemic, the demand for handwashing had become very high, many people were lacking it, however, the government tried to correct it.

At the time of the Pandemic, the people of the whole world were so much troubled, it never happened like this. It was such a frightening scene that not all of the people were able to escape from it, many people had lost their jobs at this time.

Meanwhile, due to people losing their jobs, they dared to take their own decision, and they started working hard to fulfill their dream.

Many new startups were formed in every country, and some of those startups today have a valuation of a million.

Like all those startups that started during the time of the pandemic, Suds2Go is also a startup. The product of this startup is made of portable handwash bottles & accessories.

This product allows the user to wash hands by carrying a small amount of water, and foam soap with him.

It does not require much-running water, at least the hand can be washed through water, and that water is available in this portable bottle.

This product works to completely satisfy the user and it is very good to carry it everywhere, in the playground, college, office, etc.

According to some sources, 53% of America’s people used to wash hands in 2019, due to the pandemic, 71% of people are now using it in their daily life.

To grow Suds2Go, they need an investor with a good mentor who will help them in the difficult situation ahead. For this reason, he has come to take investment in the show Shark Tank.

What Is Suds2Go?

Suds2Go is a portable hand wash hygienic company that manufactures portable handwash that contains water and foam soap at the same time. The company was started in Gilbert, Arizona in the 2018 Pandemic Beginning Stage.

Whatever kind of Harmful Chenicle etc. is there in your hand, it cleans it in a few seconds without wasting much water.

After handwashing with simple soap or sanitizer, they need to wash their hands, for this water has to be carried.

Suds2Go has come up with a solution to this type of problem, its product comes in two types, Hero Pack, and caps.

This bottle is made from stainless steel, 2-3 pumps of foam are enough for your handwash. Can be used in daily life at any place. This hold contains 30 pump soap so it is a disposable product.

Company NameSuds2Go
FounderCindy Trevizo and Gabe Trevizo
FoundedMar 2018
Productportable handwashing bottle system and handwashing bottle caps
Asked For$200k for 10% Equity
Final Deal$200k for 15% Equity
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E21
Air DateApril 16, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersGilbert, Arizona, US
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$1.9M *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Suds2Go?

Sudash2go is owned by Cindy Trevizo and the creator is Gabe Trevizo, both of whom are husband and wife and are self-employed.

Both of them started their startup by blinding the family and the financial issues happening in the family. Due to his hard work, his startup has become very big.

Gabe lost his job in August 2021. Cindy is a teacher and she used to work as a waitress on weekends to do extra jobs.

Gabe had lost his job so he started doing whatever job he got, like Valeting Cars, landscaping, and portering, which is picking up trash.

This moment was so painful for Gabe that he cried while speaking on the show Shark Tank. Because of his hard work, he has made a successful startup today.

Currently, Gabe is the President of Firebird Appliances & Consulting and the creator of Suds2Go LLC.

Suds2Go Before Shark Tank

Before the start of the Suds2Go company, both the founder husband and wife did small jobs to maintain the finances of their household.

When he got free time, he used to do some work to improve the finances of his family.

Due to this kind of work on a daily basis, he was facing a lot of trouble, so he got the idea to start this startup.

He collected all his capital amount which is approximately $80,000, after that he started a campaign on Kickstarter and raised $12,500.

Whatever money was in the bank account, he used it for manufacturing, marketing, and storage of the product.

He had taken a personal loan of $150,000 for the further growth of the company. So the total amount he invested was $242,500.

On the Shark Tank show, Gabe said that he currently has $90,000 in his bank account and $120,000 in paid inventory.

The sale of this product started on the 1st of February 2021, on December 19, he had sold his 4000 bottles, it was done in 6 weeks.

Due to this, the total sale amount of this product was $392,000 on April 16, 2021, which is a huge amount, it was completed in 4 months.

Did Suds2Go Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Cindy & Gabe, the founders of Suds2Go, asked Shark to invest $200,000 in their pitch in exchange for 10% equity in their company.

The founder’s pitch was a motivational one that must have inspired many people that the solution to every problem is hard work.

First of all, Kevin O’Leary told the founder that he had already been an investigator of this type of company Blueland, so this company is his direct competitor. Because of this reason, Kevin refused that he could not invest in it.

Mark Cuban says that there are many startups in this space that are working right now and they do not see the scope of the feature in it. Because of this reason, Mark got out of the deal.

Robert Herjavec also declined to invest in this deal but when Daymond John showed interest in the business to help with distribution.

Diamond made a counteroffer, saying he would pay $2000,000 in exchange for 22.5% equity. Shortly thereafter, Robert made his offer of $200,000 in exchange for 15% equity of the company.

Finally, Cindy & Gabe agreed to the offer of $200,000 for 15% and the deal was finalized.

What Happened To Suds2Go After Shark Tank?

Cindy and Gabe had a very good experience with the show Shark Tank. When Gabe told about their struggle in the show Shark Tank, they is very emotional.

Robert invested in this startup and gave every help to Suds2Go in the field of marketing, manufacturing, and technology which was necessary for him.

The impact of Shark Tank was positive for this company, giving them a good engagement on social media sources like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

After funding $200,000, the founder invested in manufacturing, marketing, and taking the product globally.

Their total sales before the show were $392,000. After the show, their sales signature got boosted in their sales.

Many media publications had featured this product, including GMA, Better Homes and Gardens, Gearhungry & many more.

Currently, this brand has launched two new products that are Suds2Go Foaming Hand Soap and Suds2go Replacement Pump.

What’s new on Suds2Go

Till April 2023, they have introduced many new products like hand soap, sticker and many more.

Looking at the amazon rating of this product we think there are very few people who have bought this product so far.

Suds2Go Shark Tank Update

Suds2Go got a deal in Shark Tank and his partner became Robert Herjavec or the valuation of the deal company was signed at $1.3 million.

This episode of Shark Tank originally aired on April 16, 2021, and the product went on sale for $300,000 a few months later.

This deal was not closed with Robert until August 2022. However, this episode was re-telecasted again on July 2021.

We’re following Cindy Trevizo and Gabe Trevizo along with their company for further updates.

Where Can You Buy Suds2Go?

Suds2Go was available only on their official website before April 2021 but now it is available online and retail on Amazon, eBay, etc.

Image credit: mysuds2go.com

The Hero Pack is priced at $45.00 and the Caps are priced at $14.99. They have 30 pump soap in the caps which is useful for hand washing.

Image credit: mysuds2go.com

They give the option of free shipping on their website for shopping for more than $60.00.

If you want to buy it, then you can buy it from Amazon or their official website.

What Is The Net Worth of Suds2Go?

Suds2Go worth estimated $1 Million. In the show Shark Tank, the founder said that they had sold $392,000 in 3 months.

their sales growth is increasing slowly, people are liking this product very much. their sales had become very high during COVID19, they generated sales of $1 million in a few months, which Daymond helped him.

Is Suds2Go Still In Business?

The design of the Suds2Go is quite stylish, it gives a fancy look, and it will not look like a handwash even to anyone looking at it. It has been finished very well which gives a premium look to it.

Globally people are now addicted to handwashing, they use handwash in their daily life so that their hands can be cleaned, and germs-free.

Due to this change, the demand for sanitizer and handwash has increased a lot and many businesses have started in this field too.

This product has not sold much on the Amazon platform, although some of the people who have bought it have given a positive response.

Suds2Go ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020 with a goal of $12,500 but raised $12,567 from 255 backers on October 17, 2020.

Yes, Suds2Go is still in business as of April 2023.