Trophy Smack Shark Tank Update (Season 12)

TrophySmack Orange, California Base is an innovative awards manufacturer that manufactures unique and customizable trophies, championship rings, belts, and related products.

Trophy smack is used to design trophies for different types of sports, including Football Trophies, Baseball Trophies, Basketball Trophies, Soccer Trophies, Hockey Trophies, Golf Trophies, Youth Sports, Esports & Gaming.

If you organize a fantasy football tournament, if it doesn’t have a grand trophy, it won’t be comfortable for the winning team. However, it has been seen that in most games, a trophy is given to the winning or losing team.

If there is a good trophy for the winning team, they love it. Fantasy sports are played in college, school, or any event, etc. The winning team is given their prize in the form of a trophy.

If you want to customize the trophy as per your choice then you can get it done.

Company NameTrophy Smack
FounderMatt Walsh and Dax Holt
Productcustomize your own fantasy sports trophies, rings, and belts
Asked For$600,000 for 8% equity
Final Deal$600,000 for 17% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 12 Episode 9
Air DateJanuary 8, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersOrange, California, United States
Net Worth$10 Million *estimated

Who Is The Founder Of TrophySmack?

Matt Walsh and Dax Holt, both of them are the co-founders of this startup, in 2017 they started this company named TrophySmack.

Dax Holt is a popular American reporter as well as an Emmy-nominated producer, entrepreneur, and podcaster. This has been his 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He earned his bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton.

Matt Walsh is also an Entrepreneur, Supply Chain & Logistics He has very good knowledge about Logistics. Matt 13 Years in Venture Logistics, Inc. Been running the company.

He is currently on the Board of Directors of CSCMP Southern California Rowndable and for 10 years has been a Supply Chain Consultant for Echo Global Logistics.

Did Trophy Smack Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Matt & Dax, the founder of Trophy Smack, pitched their product to Shark quite well, and Shark also liked it. They asked Shark for $600,000 for their company in exchange for 6% equity in their company.

Starting with Trophy Smack, they had invested a total of $250,000, which is a lot of money for a business.

When it was launched it was going very slowly till it made only $60,000. All their products were sold during week 3 of the fantasy football draft season, with the average price of this product ranging from $150 to $200.

The average profit margin in this business is 80% which is very good for this business. The sharks were completely surprised after hearing this.

In the first year of January 2018, they made $850,000 in revenue. During 2019, their revenue increased to $1.9 million. They have a gross profit of $775K in this revenue and their net is $500K.

Daymond John said that he respects athletes and he also respects sports fans. When he got married, he had promised that he would never watch a sports game. So he cannot invest in it now.

Kevin O’Leary had to say about this business that he works in the corporate market, and he has very good knowledge of this market. So his offer was $600k for 20% equity on this business.

Mark Cuban also felt that 8% is not enough in this business so he wants to offer $600k for 17% equity, in this the company’s valuation is $3.5 million.

Lori Greiner had an interest in dealing with this company: But Mark said that if the founder listens to Lori’s offer, then he is out.

Due to Mark’s statement, Matt & Dax signed a deal with Mark for $600k for 17% equity.

Trophy Smack Shark Tank Update

Before Shark Tank, the Trophy Smacks only worked on football, but after Shark Tank, they moved into different fantasy sports categories.

Ever since this company was associated with Mark, every year of its growth there has been some difference. Its annual revenue was $1 million in July 2021.

The month after the episode was released, the company made record-breaking sales of $1.2 million in total.

This company has also received Fantasy Sports Awards and Creating Awards. Mark is also very impressed by investing in this business.

Mark said about this company that he invested in because this is a guy who is selling machines and he liked this product.

In July 2022, this company hired +50 employees for the manufacturing and sales department. So far its lifetime total sales are $10 million.

Where Can Buy Trophy Smack?

If you want to celebrate the victory or defeat of your favorite team, then it is good to have a trophy. Trophy Smacks brings you the trophy for both the winner and the loser with the design of their choice. You can buy this trophy from Amazon or their official website Trofimak, its price can range from $60 to $200.

Buy Trophy Smack

What Is Trophy Smack Net Worth?

When Trophy Smack got a deal from Shark Tank, its trophy had sold $1 million in just one month. Most of its sales are during the sports season like football, basketball, soccer, etc. in the game season. A few years back, this company achieved $10 million in lifetime sales. So we can guess that Trophy Smack’s Net Worth will be more than $10 million.

In this business, the owner is getting a profit margin of 80% but this increases the price of the product. We believe that if its margin is increased to 50% or 60%, then it can grow even faster.

Though still TrophySmack is running in profit, it has a lot of competitors in the fantasy sports industry but even then it is growing.

Mark is very happy to invest in this company and he finds it a good deal.

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