What Happened To Chub Rub Patch After Shark Tank?

Chub Rub Patch is a lifestyle product that helps to solve the thigh chaffing problem. Most of the women who have thick and strong thighs have problems like tightness in the thighs. This is a common problem and makes them feel very uncomfortable.

Due to thigh chaffing, many females do not know how to wear their favorite outfits. Brittany Lammon also had the same issue and she hesitated to wear her favorite dress. To solve this problem, she did a lot of research for years, and after that, the Chub Rub Patch was born.

The founder and CEO of this company, Brittany, does celebrity makeup and hairstyle. She used to work as a makeup and hairstylist for the stars of the world’s biggest entertainment company WWE.

Brittany, the founder of Chub Rub Patch Company, appeared on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 14 and asked the shark for $200,000 for 30% equity at a $666k Valuation. She chose the career of hairstylist at the age of 19.

What Is Chub Rub Patch?

Chub Rub Patch is a product that solves the thigh chaffing problem. By solving this problem, women can wear their favorite outfits without being uncomfortable.

Thigh chaffing is a common problem and every person has this issue. This issue is mostly found in those who work out, run or travel on hot days.

This problem can be avoided by using this rub patch. This patch is sweat-proof and absorbs sweat when used during workouts. This patch is available in various colors and costs $8.99.

Company NameThe Chub Rub Patch LLC
FounderBrittany Lammon
FoundedJuly 2021
ProductPatch to solve thigh chafing problem
Asked For$200K for 30% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S14 E14
Air DateFeb 17, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersFort Lauderdale, Florida, US
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$2.5M *estimated
Buy and WatchBuy NowAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Chub Rub Patch?

Brittany Lammon is the Founder and CEO of Chub Rub Patch Company. Brittany works as a makeup and hairstylist since the start of WWE, the world’s largest entertainment company.

She started her hairstyling career at the age of 19. After graduating from Bowling Green State University, she owned multiple businesses, including BigCreations and Bfabulousinc. At the present time, her two business is still going on.

Chub Rub Patch Before Shark Tank

Brittany had a problem related to thigh skin, so she invested in this patch product. To know the reaction of the people, she made a video of this product and posted it on Tiktok, within a few hours the video went viral.

Women all over the world have commented on how this product works and how it can help. Through Tiktok she started selling this patch in 10 countries.

At the time of starting this business, Brittany had to face a lot of fear and failure. Her sister Megan helped him in this business. This patch is available on the company website. This product is being shipped to countries like North America, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Israel & The UK.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Chub Rub Patch?

Florida’s Brittany Lammon enters Shark Tank to get funding for her company and asks the sharks for $200k for 30% equity. She introduced the patch product in a very funny way.

This product was launched on July 2021 and has grossed over $105,000 in sales so far. The sales price of the product is $8.99 and the landed price is $2.12. This patch can be used for 3-4 days.

Emma Grade said this product is good for Influencer Marketing but the name of the product is not catchy. With $200K in funding, she will invest most of the money in product marketing such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Influencer Marketing.

The return rate of this product is 23%. All the sharks refused to invest in this business.

Finalized: Chub Rub Patch didn’t get funding in Shark Tank.

Chub Rub Patch Shark Tank Update

After entering the shark tank, Brittany did a very good pitch to the sharks and explained this product in a simple way. This is a solution to a real problem and many people face this problem mostly in summer. There was a lot of discussion between the founder and the shark regarding the product.

We’re following Brittany Lammon along with her company for further updates.

What Is The Net Worth of Chub Rub Patch?

Chub Rub Patch’s current worth is $666K. To grow the sales of this product, it is necessary to make it available in retail stores. There are many people who come to the retail store, if they like this product, they will definitely buy it.

Many people think that ‘Chub Rub’ is found only in fat people, but it is present in all people. It is estimated in one report that 99% are women who suffer from chub rub in the summer season.

Is Chub Rub Patch Still In Business?

This business was started in 2021 and the founder is trying to grow the sales of this company slowly. We hope that this company can make a good sale.

In recent times, most of the revenue of this company comes from social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and more.

The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States and employs 2 people, according to LinkedIn.

Yes, Chub Rub Patch is still in business as of August 2023.

frequently asked questions

Who founded the Chub Rub Patch?

Chub Rub Patch was founded in 2021 by Brittany Lammon.

What Is The Valuation of Chub Rub Patch?

The current valuation of Chub Rub Patch is estimated at $666K.

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