Circadian Optics Shark Tank Update (Season 11)

Circadian Optics is a mini sunlight lamp that brings sunlight into dark office rooms. Circadian Optics can also be called Bright Light Therapy Lamp. Using this lamp for a few minutes helps in the body clock without sunlight.

According to NCBI’s studies, there are more than 3% of adults have circadian rhythm sleep disorder. The biggest impact of this disorder is physical, mental, and behavioral changes.

People who work or study by staying in a room or office for 24 hours, due to lack of sunlight, the body’s internal clock does not work properly. Because of this there is a problem in the sleep and wake cycle process.

According to Healthline, if light therapy is used properly, it may help in improving sleep and other symptoms. Several university studies have claimed that light therapy works to improve sleep.

Circadian Optics was founded in November 2015 by Amber Leong. Amber works in a corporate company and had not seen the Sun for 12 months, so the lack of sunlight started affecting her health. She could not sleep properly at night, but after doing a lot of research, she came to know how important circadian rhythm and light are for health.

Amber had bought a light therapy lamp as it did not look cool due to its large size. Circadian Optics was born due to the lack of small-size and cool-design light therapy lamps in the market.

Amber Leong decided to go to Shark Tank for funding and after appearing in Shark Tank asked the sharks for $750,000 for 10% equity at $7.5 Million Valuation.

What Is Circadian Optics?

Circadian Optics is a Minneapolis-based maker of bright light therapy lamps that create a mini sun in a dark room. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is found in people who are not able to go in the sunlight of nature due to work.

Sleeping can be improved by creating a mini sun at home with the help of light therapy lamps. Therapy lamps of this brand come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Light therapy can be done with the help of this lamp while staying at the office and home. Turn on the lamp on a desk and sit in front of it for a few minutes. The lamp will shine bright like mini sunlight and does not contain UV rays. The cost of therapy lamps ranges from $24-$55.

Company NameCircadian Optics
FounderAmber Leong
FoundedNov 2015
Productbright light therapy lamps
Asked For$750K for 10% equity
Final Deal$750K for 20% equity + extra 50K
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S11 E2
Air DateOct 6, 2019
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersSt Paul, Minnesota, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$17 Million+
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Amber Leong?

Amber Leong is the Founder and CEO of Circadian Optics. After earning an MBA in Marketing from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, she worked at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky for 5 years in various positions.

In October 2015, she quit her job and started her own business. At the beginning of the business she had to face a lot of difficulties but gradually all the problems were solved.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Circadian Optics?

Amber Leong Enter Shark Tank And Ask The Sharks For $750k For 10% Equity. Amber shares her story behind making this product. Amber is from Malaysia but currently living in Minnesota, United States.

Lifetime sale is $7.4 million. Rohan Oza said that he hates lifetime sales, so he asked about annual sales. Total sales were $4 million in the last 12 months, all sales are from online Amazon and other multiple marketplaces.

The average sale price of the product online is $57.99. It has a margin of 70%. Last year her profit was $650,000 and this year she projected them to do $5.6 million in sales. This year’s profit could be $1.3 million with tariff accounting.

She said that she needed Shark as a strategic partner who would take the company to the next level and also help in the retail market.

Her parents broke their retirement funds for her studies and gave her $10,500 in cash, so that she could cover the school fees, tickets, and expenses the one semester.

All the sharks got emotional after hearing about Amber’s struggle to come to America from Malaysia, especially Kevin O’Leary had tears in his eyes.

Lori Greiner approached Mark Cuban to join her in investing in this business, Mark Cuban said yes. Mark and Lori team up to offer $750k for 20% equity. Rohan said that he cannot add value to this business, so he is out.

Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran both teamed up and offered $750k for 20% equity. Lori said she would give the extra $50k to her parents. Amber accepts Lori and Mark’s offer.

Finalize: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invest $750k in exchange for 20% equity in “Circadian Optics”.

What Happened To Circadian Optics After Shark Tank?

After this episode aired, many people appreciated Amber. As of February 2023, this company’s website ( is not live, visiting this website is redirecting to the Amazon shop page.

Since January 2021, both the company’s social media handles Instagram and Twitter are not active. By 2022, this company had generated an estimated revenue of $4 million.

Minneapolis, Minnesota Base Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp with Speaker Brand Nocturne Lamp was founded in 2022 by Amber Leong.

Amber is the co-founder of the “Rechargeable Cordless Portable Lantern” brand Bask Lamp. Amber is currently the co-founder of 3 brands.

The products of this brand are available at supermarket retail stores like Walmart and Target.

Circadian Optics Shark Tank Update

This episode aired on Oct 6, 2019 Thousands of visitors visited the company website at a time although some of them might have bought the lamp.

As of February 2023, no evidence has been found so that it can be known that this deal has been closed.

We’re following Amber Leong along with her company for further updates.

What Is The Net Worth of Circadian Optics?

Circadian Optics was valued at $3.7 million in Shark Tank. In recent times, this company has grown very well. Amber is a marketing person and has worked as a marketing person in many companies for years. Currently, Amber is the owner of 3 brands and she is managing them very well.

The market size of light therapy is estimated to be $997 million in 2022 and this industry is growing slowly. There are only a few brands that are currently working in this industry.

Circadian Optics is growing very well, which is known by looking at the sales of the product on Amazon. Every product of this brand has been liked by people on Amazon and has also got very good reviews.

Yes, Circadian Optics is still in business as of April 2024.

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