What Happened To Sweetkiwi After Shark Tank?

Sweetkiwi is an award winning natural frozen Yogurt brand. This brand’s frozen dessert-like Yogurt is completely different from other Yogurt, this is the brand’s claim. Their yogurt contains natural ingredients like protein, probiotics, fiber, and immune-boosting superfoods.

This food and beverages brand was founded in 2011 by Ehime Eigbe. Ehime loves Yogurt very much. One day she was traveling from Texas, United States to Nigeria and she could not find any Yogurt store in Nigeria.

Ehime came up with this business idea and decided to quit her job as a Bankruptcy Referral Litigation Specialist II at Citi group. She has opened her stores in various locations in Nigeria including Lekki, Lagos and many more.

According to Bellanaija, in 2018, she launched this yogurt company in the United States. The main objective of this brand is to provide a high quality premium dessert to satisfy the customer.

Ehime appeared on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 16 to seek funding with her husband Michael Akindele and asked the sharks for $250,000 for 5% equity at $5 Million Valuation. Ehime is a brave black woman who has succeeded in building a good business with her hard work.

What Is Sweetkiwi?

Sweetkiwi is a natural frozen Yogurt brand. This brand uses natural and healthy ingredients to make frozen Yogurt, which is also very tasty to eat.

This brand offers 6 types of flavored yogurt and its price ranges from $38.99-$58.99. All these Greek yogurts are made by mixing fresh milk and some super foods.

This brand of yogurt is available at stores throughout the United States, including Wholefoods, Walmart, Krogerco and many more.

Company NameSweetkiwi
FounderEhime Eigbe
Producthealthy frozen yogurt
Asked For$250k for 5% equity
Final Deal$250k for 16% equity
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S14 E16
Air DateMarch 10, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersWashington, D.C, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$2.6M *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Sweetkiwi?

Ehime Eigbe is the founder and CEO of this yogurt company. She started this business in Nigeria and is currently based in the United States.

Ehime Eigbe

Ehime joined Citigroup as a “Bankruptcy Referral Litigation Specialist II” after completing his Bachelor of Arts from London Metropolitan University.

Leaving the job of Citigroup, she started her business. Meanwhile, she was the director of “Your Way Foods” for 4 years. At present, Ehime is working full time on her business.

Michael Akindele

Michael is the director of this company and also he is the founder of Uncharted Ventures. He is currently working as UX lead in Tata Consultancy Services.

Sweetkiwi Before Shark Tank

Ehime started this business from Nigeria because she saw the scope of a business. From the beginning of the business, she did many events in which she was giving free test of her yogurt.

Most of the people liked her Greek yogurt very much and slowly tried to bring this product in the market. Along with providing the best yogurt through this business, Ehime supports her community.

She is partnered with Black Girl Ventures and will donate 1% of her profits to Support. According to Crunchbase, $20,000 was invested in this company by Union Kitchen in a seed round on August 22, 2018.

Currently, the brand’s products are available in over +1700 stores in the United States, including Whole Foods, Walmart and Kroger.

According to some media reports, Ehime is planning to expand the product to Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Sweetkiwi?

After both Ehime and Michael enter Shark Tank, the sharks ask for $250k for 5% equity. They made Shark taste their product Greek Yogurt and Robert liked the taste of Raspberry Flavored Yogurts.

Ehime started this business in Nigeria and has grown the business into the Biggest Frozen Yogurts Company in Africa. The lifetime revenue of this business is $2 million and this product is available in +1700 Whole Foods, Walmart etc. in the United States.

So far in 2022, they have completed $650,000 in sales and are projecting $1.2-$1.4 million in sales by the end of the year.

This month the founder got this product approved at Kroger’s. Kevin O’Leary said this product is too hard to get in Kroger’s stores so he is offering $250k for 20% equity. Daymond John liked the product but he is out of business purpose.

Kevin O’Leary said I am out, during the conversation between the founder and Mark Cuban. Robert Herjavec offered $250k for 20% equity. Michael said can I counter, in this Robert said after such a nice pitch of mine, you want to counter.

Michael countered $250k for 7.1% equity + 5% advisory shares. Robert counters $250k for 16% equity. The founder agreed to this offer.

Finalize: Robert invests $250k in SweetKiwi for 16% equity.

Sweetkiwi Shark Tank Update

Ehime and her husband both gave a presentation about their business after coming to Shark Tank. Talked on many things related to business scope and sales. There was a very good conversation between the shark and the founder.

We’re following Ehime Eigbe and Michael Akindele along with their company for further updates.

What Is The Net Worth of Sweetkiwi?

As of now, according to us, Sweetkiwi’s worth is estimated at $1.5 million. This company has been running since 2011 and is performing very well. Most people have liked the yogurt of this brand and the company has plans to expand in other countries.

Some media sites have claimed that the global frozen yogurt market size in 2020 was $1.63 billion. It is being estimated that by 2028 this industry will reach $2.14 billion.

Is Sweetkiwi Still In Business?

At the beginning of the business, Ehime has been focusing on growing it. Both wife and husband are growing this business very well. This product is available in major supermarket chains in the United States.

Several media publications have featured the story of Ehime and her company, including Black Entrepreneur, YNaija, Georgetowner and more.

The current headquarter of this company is in Washington, District of Columbia and it currently employs 11-50 employees according to LinkedIn.

Yes, Sweetkiwi is still in business as of March 2023.

frequently asked questions

Who founded Sweetkiwi?

SweetKiwi was founded by Ehime Eigbe in 2011.

How much funding has Sweetkiwi raised to date?

SweetKiwi has raised $270k in funding so far.