What Happened To Peeschute After The Shark Tank India?

Are you looking at Peeschute Shark Tank India Update? Peeschute is a urine disposable bag that has been featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 2. This is a revolutionary product that is needed in today’s time in the Indian market. In this article, I am talking about Peeschute Shark Tank India Update, net worth, founder & many more things

What is Peeschute?

many people know about what is Peeschute. Peeschute is a urine bag used this bag destroys human urine. a lot of people travel many places but his people facing a common problem. this problem name is urine, people are unable to stop their urine.

so Peeschute solves this type of problem. Peeschute is a simple bag if you put your urine in this bag This bag automatically destroys stored urine. if you facing a bad situation at the same time you have urine you use these Peeschute urine bags.

Company NamePeeschute
FounderSiddhant Tawarawala
Businessurine disposal bag
Asked For₹75 Lakhs for 4% Equity
Final Deal₹75 Lakhs for 6% Equity
SharkAman Gupta
Episode (Shark Tank India)S1 E3
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth₹12.5 Crores *estimated
WebsiteBuy Now

Who is the founder of Peeschute?

Peeschute IS A Unique Urine disposer Startup. Siddhant Tavarwala Founder of Pishchute He Started this company in 2018. This company has started in Maharashtra, India its been 3 years now. The founder studied entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Austin Inno. his MBA Degree was completed from Nirma University.

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How Much Deal Did Peeschute Get in Shark Tank?

Peeschute has done very well in Shark Tank India. People are in great need of this urine bag while traveling, which can solve their problem. Peeschute Founder Siddhant Tavarwala in Shark Tank India asked ₹75 Lakh for 4% Equity on his company. Boat Founder Aman Gupta has invested ₹75 Lakhs for a 6% share in this company. Founder Siddhant Tavarwala Say his company needed a professional marketer so for this reason he approach Aman Gupta to invest in his company.

Who Can Use Peeschute?

Pishchute’s product can be used by everyone, but it is most needed for people with lower-body injuries, leg/foot fractures, arthritis, Camp/Trek, Temp/Permanent Immobility, Early Stage Prostate Patients, Pregnant Women, Travel, etc.

Step 1: Open & Press Edges

Step 2: Place & Use

Step 3: Fold and Seal

Step 4: Dispose

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