What Happened To VivaLyf Innovations After Shark Tank India?

VivaLyf Innovations has Appeared in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 8. VivaLyf is a very unique and innovative startup that solves the most challenging healthcare issues through Science & Technology.

Every day there are many people who get to see new health issues. Due to the change of nature, people fall prey to it. Nature is slowly taking its revenge for the amount of violence that is being done on nature.

What Is VivaLyf Innovations?

Vivalyf Innovations is one such product from the collaboration of Innovative Science & Technology. The product discovers society’s most challenging healthcare issues and provides development breakthrough solutions. It helps to extend human life through Medtech and Healthtech.

Company NameVivaLyf Innovations
FounderVimal Kumar R N, Duvvuru Varshitha
BusinessVivaLyf Innovations collaborate
innovative science & technology
Asked For₹56 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity
Final Deal₹56 Lakhs for 33.3% Equity
SharkPeyush Bansal & Anupam Mittal
Episode (Shark Tank India)S1 E8
Business StatusIn Business
Valuation₹7.47 Crores

Who Are The Founder of VivaLyf Innovations?

Vivalyf Innovation is a unique startup that works on health issues. The founder has created this product through his knowledge and his innovative idea. This is the real story of the founder before becoming a startup. The two founders of this startup are Vimal Kumar And Duvvuru Varshitha.

Vimal Kumar is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. Duvvuru Varshitha The founder of this startup is a research & developer.

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How Much Deal Did VivaLyf Get in Shark Tank?

The story of Founder Duvvuru is quite inspiring, his life story was liked by the shark. Sharks have shown their interest in this business. For this Easy Life product, the founder has sought 7.5% equity in Shark Tank India for Rs 56 lakh.

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What Happened To After Shark Tank India?

This startup was started in Hyderabad, Telangana with a 1,00,000 capital amount. This startup is recognized by the Startup India scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The startup has raised a funding round of ₹750,000 on December 20, 2020.

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