Ava the Elephant Shark Tank Update (Season 1)

Ava the Elephant is a talking children’s medicine dispenser that helps kids dispense medicine with ease. The founder of this company, Tiffany Krumins, appeared on Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 1 and asked the Sharks for $50,000 for 15% equity and a $333k valuation.

Before Shark Tank, the name of this product was Emmy the Elephant but after the deal, the name was changed to Ava The Elephant. Krumins had sought investment by giving a demo of a prototype product in Shark Tank.

Ava the Elephant Shark Tank Update
Image credit by Ava the Elephant

What is Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant is a medicine dispenser for children that helps children dispense medicine. This product has been given the shape of an elephant’s trunk and a speaker, battery and some sound programs have been added to it.

There is a hole in the back side of the elephant from where medicine is poured and fed to the children. This product is available on many online and retail stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Company NameAva the Elephant
FounderTiffany Krumins
Productmedicine dispenser for kids
Asked For$50k for 15% equity
Final Deal$50k for 55% equity
SharkBarbara Corcoran Barbara Corcoran
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S1 E1
Air DateAug 9th, 2009
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersAlpharetta, Georgia, USA
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$10M *estimated
Buy and WatchBuy NowAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Ava the Elephant?

Image credit by ABC Shark Tank

Ava the Elephant’s Founder and CEO is Tiffany Krumins, a former professional babysitter. She is also the founder of Mom Genius and Opu Probiotics Company.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Ava the Elephant?

After entering Shark Tank, Krumins asked the Sharks for $50k for 15% equity. She showed her prototype product to the shark and explained how it works.

Till now she has not patented the product and she needs investment so that she can patent and manufacture the working product.

All the sharks except Barbara refused to invest in this business because the product is a prototype mode. Barbara Corcoran offered $50k for 55% equity. After some thought, Krumins agreed to her offer.

Barbara Corcoran Barbara Corcoran$50k for 55% equity (#1)
Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank Profile Kevin O’LearyNo Offers
Robert Herjavec Robert HerjavecNo Offers
Daymond John Daymond JohnNo Offers
Kevin Harrington Kevin HarringtonNo Offers
Founder’s (Countered)No Counter
Final Deals$50k for 55% equity

What Happened To Ava the Elephant After Shark Tank?

Ava The Elephant got a deal on Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran invested $50,000, taking a 55% stake in the business.

After this deal was done, the working product was manufactured and made available in 1000+ drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens. After the product became successful, Barbara and Krumins launched a new product line.

After battling cancer and having three children, Krumins signed a licensing deal with Better Family in March 2021.

In June 2021, she started an Opu Probiotics Business in partnership with her father, which sells Probiotics Chocolate and Instant Dissolve Pre + Probiotic Packets.

Ava the Elephant Shark Tank Update

The first segment of this business was released in Season 1 Episode 9, due to Barbara’s expertise, a deal was signed with pharmacy company Flavorx to make this product available in the pharmacy store.

This Business’s Progress Report was published in Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 15 where Krumins introduced her thermometer stickers and vaccine program for children in need. We are currently following the founder and her business for more information.

What Is Ava the Elephant’s Net Worth?

Ava the Elephant’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. Since 2021, Krumins has not been able to focus on this business because she was suffering from cancer due to which she was not able to focus on the business.

Annual Revenue by Years

Note: This report is based on our research and data so far. In this, we are only estimating the annual revenue.

YearsAnnual Revenue
2009-23$10M *estimated

Funding Reports to Date!

YearsFunding AmountInvestor
2009$50kBarbara Corcoran

Is Ava the Elephant Still In Business?

Krumins, after defeating cancer like a brave woman, had just started the business “Opu Probiotics” with her father. Tiffany and her father Brian discovered a better way to deliver probiotics.

The official address of this business is Alpharetta, Georgia, United States.

Yes, Ava the Elephant is still in business as of March 2024.

frequently asked questions

Who founded Ava the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant was founded by Tiffany Krumins.

Did Ava the Elephant get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Ava the Elephant got a deal on Shark Tank, and Barbara Corcoran invested in this business.

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