NogginBoss Shark Tank Update (Season 13)

NogginBoss is a headwear brand that featured on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 15, specializing in customized large caps for athletes. Many fans love to sport their team caps during sporting events and games. The founder of this startup pitched a $50,000 investment for a 25% equity stake in the company on Shark Tank.

If you want to show your support for your team through this hat, you have the option to include images and text lines on its product page to print your team’s name and logo. After completing your design, you can select the size and place your order. The average cost comes to $65.00 per piece.

Company NameNogginBoss
FounderGabe Cooper and Sean Starner
Productcreate something fun & innovative to help you promote what you love.
Asked For$50k for 25% Equity
Final Deal$50k for 30% Equity
SharkDaymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E15
Air DateMar 11, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersSurprise, Arizona, United States
Lifetime (Sales)$500k *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of NogginBoss?

The founders of NogginBoss, Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner, are close friends who share a love for sports, business, and helping others. They’ve known each other for years and decided to create their unique product to support these passions.

Gabe and Sean both have backgrounds in sports and business. They used to play sports in college and coach club teams. They’ve also owned businesses before.

Gabe believes that creating something fun and innovative can help promote anything you want. Sean, Gabe’s business partner, has been running an Instant Media LLC company for over a decade.

Did NogginBoss Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Founders Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner funnily presented their product on Shark Tank, which the sharks liked.

During their conversation, the founder asked the sharks for a $50,000 investment to help the company grow, offering 25% of the shares in return. Shark Daymond John showed interest in the business and invested $50,000 for a 30% stake.

NogginBoss Shark Tank Update

The company has partnered with several brands, such as Camping World, Knott’s Berry Farm, Mavericks, Hershey Park, GCU, the Caddie Network, Canobie Lake Park, and many others.

Their Pink Hats were featured on the CBS show “Let’s Make A Deal” in October 2022. Many people are showcasing their Noggin Boss merchandise hats on social media.

What Is the Net Worth of Noggin Boss?

Noggin Boss is estimated to be worth around $650,000 based on the company’s current value and total sales.

This company is currently headquartered in Surprise, Arizona, United States, and according to LinkedIn, it has between 2 to 10 employees.

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