What Happened To BrandsDaddy After Shark Tank India?

Brandsdaddy is a non toxic and zero maintenance fire activity product which extinguishes the fire within 5 seconds. This product is like a ball in appearance and gets blasted when it comes in contact with fire. After the blast, the available extinguishing powder in the ball serves to extinguish the fire.

Brandsdaddy was founded in 2013 by Roshaan Mishra & Ankita Gandhi. The company’s mission is to provide a new age solution to extinguish the fire.

A report has been found that 90% people are not able to use fire-extinguishing equipment because they do not have training to use their tools. But this fire extinguisher ball is very easy to use and this ball is also light weight.

Co founder needs funding to grow this business That’s why they appeared in Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 4 and demanded ₹70 Lakhs for 5% equity at ₹14 Crores Valuation from the sharks.

What Is Brandsdaddy?

BrandsDaddy is a brand that manufactures Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball. This brand has come up with a new age solution to extinguish the fire in the form of fire extinguisher ball.

Fire ball being light weight, non toxic can also be used easily. Any person can easily use auto fire extinguisher ball.

This ball has been made by mixing extinguishing powder. The ball explodes after coming in contact with the fire. This ball is available for cars as well as for home, it also comes with 5 years warranty from the company. The price of Fire Extinguisher Ball is 3,299.

Company NameBrandsDaddy
FounderRoshaan Mishra and Ankita Gandhi
BusinessAuto Fire Proof ball
Asked For₹70 Lakhs for 5% equity
Final Deal₹35 lakhs for 5% equity and ₹35 lakhs debt @ 12% interest
SharkNamita Thapar
Episode (Shark Tank India)S2 E4
Air DateJan 5, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Now
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Lifetime Worth (Sales)₹1.57 Crores *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now

 Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Brandsdaddy?

The founder and chairman of this company is Roshaan Mishra and the director is Ankita Gandhi. Both of them started this business in 2013.

Roshaan V Mishra

Roshaan, after studying commerce from Magadh University, worked in multiple insurance companies, including in Bharti Axa Life Insurance, Tata AIG Life Insurance and more. He worked as Manager Strategy in Rainbow Financial Services for 2 years.

How Was The Shark Tank India Pitch Of Brandsdaddy?

Roshaan and Ankita entered Shark Tank with a fire ball and gave a demo of the product, how it extinguishes fire. They asked sharks for ₹70 lakhs for 5% equity at ₹14 crores valuation.

This company supplies fire ball products to insurance companies and governments. The monthly sales of this company is ₹12 lakhs. In 2021, the annual revenue of this company was ₹51 lakhs, in 2022, this company crossed ₹1.45 crores annual revenue.

They have plans to launch the product in Maldives in the next month. This company generates most revenue in B2B. Their gross margin is 60% and net profit is 10%. B2B cost of one ball comes to ₹1,000 – ₹1,500. The MRP of the product is Rs.5,000.

Namita Thapar made an offer ₹35 lakhs for 5% equity and ₹35 lakhs debt @ 12% interest at ₹7 Crores Valuation. All the sharks got out except Namita. The founder countered Namita for ₹50 lakhs for 5% equity and ₹20 lakhs debt @ 12% interest at ₹10 Crores Valuation. Namita refused this offer. Roshaan and Ankita agree to Namita’s offer.

Finalize: Namita Thapar invested ₹35 Lakhs in “Patil Kaki” for 5% equity + ₹35 lakhs debt @ 12% interest.

What Happened To Brandsdaddy After Shark Tank?

Many people had shared different opinions regarding this product on social media platforms. Some users on Reddit said that they have seen this product many years ago on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

According to the report of Businessinsider, the fire extinguishing ball was invented by Phanawatnan Kaimart. This product is available on Alibaba for a long time.

The cost of the automatic fire extinguishing ball product is within ₹1,000 on amazon. After Shark Tank, Roshaan appeared on the Josh talk show on January 19, 2023.

On January 29, 2023, this company has partnered with Niagara Fire Corp of Canada.

What Is Brandsdaddy Net Worth?

In Shark Tank, the founder had asked for a valuation of 14 crores, however, the company got funding at a valuation of 7 crores. According to Shark the cost of the product is very high so it is very difficult to bring this product in B2C. This product is perfect for B2B and B2G.

Is Brandsdaddy Still In Business?

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Ball Company is expanding Brandsdaddy business outside India. This company had done international expansion from Maldives. On January 2023, this company has partnered with a Canadian fire service company.

The brand has received multiple awards at national and international events including Europe Business Assembly, 29th International WQC Award and more.

At present, the headquarter of this company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and this company is manufacturing products in India.

Yes, Brandsdaddy is still in business as of February 2023.

frequently asked questions

Who Founded Brandsdaddy?

Brandsdaddy was founded in 2013 by Roshaan Mishra and Ankita Gandhi.

Where is BrandsDaddy from?

BrandsDaddy is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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