Quevos are high protein, low carb chips made from egg whites. Finally a delicious snack you can feel great about eating!

Food and Beverage

Basic Information

Maker of snacks produced using egg white planned to offer a quality food elective. The organization’s chips produced using eggs are high in protein, high in fiber yet low in carbs, empowering purchasers to fulfill their nibbling desires while keeping an appropriate dietary pattern.

Legal Name: Quevos Pvt ltd
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Business Model: B2C
Founding Date: 2018
No. of Employees: 1-12
Core Team: Nick Hamburger | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
: Zach Schrier | Co-Founder
: Chonghyun Ahn | Co-Founder

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Quevos Shark Tank Update


Total Funding: $3.6 Million

Detail Round Breakdown

Funding 1

Series Name: Accelerator/Incubator
Date: 01-Jan-2018
: 21-May-2018
Investors: Springboard Brands
Investment: $15K
: $50K

Funding 2

Series Name: Angel Round
Date: Jan 1, 2019
Investors: –
Investment: $1.4M

Funding 3

Series Name: Angel Round
Date: January 22, 2021
Investors: Daniel Lubetzky
Investment: $200K

Funding 4 —

Series Name: Seed Round
Date: –
Investors: Daniel Lubetzky
Investment: $1.35M

Funding 5 —

Series Name: Early Stage VC
Date: 01-Jan-2021
Investors: 1/1 CAPITAL
Investment: $1.75

Funding 6

Series Name: Product Crowdfunding
Date: 04-May-2019
Investors: –
Investment: $72K