Plunge Shark Tank Update (Season 13)

Plunge is a fitness product added in Shark Tank Season 13, Episode 21 to help the consumer in his wellness routine. It has been proved by scientists that many diseases in the human body can be cured through this plunge.

There are many diseases in the human body, and as the human grows, those diseases become visible. Therefore, health should be kept fit with a good diet and experience so that the coming disease can be avoided.

This plunge is a means to keep away some disease’s health. Plunge helps the Immune system support Increase blood flow Reduce chronic pain Boost your metabolism Better sleep.

This cold plunge makes the body feel fresh and fresh. There was a report in “discovermagazine” that 49 Finnish winter swimmers go to cold water 4 times a week After 4 months, a decrease in tension and fatigue was found in him.

Cold water can be a good treatment for wellness depression etc.

Founder Michael’s spa was shut down during March 2020 COVID-19 and he got free time for the first time. When he researched the market for cold plunges, then he found that it was getting quite expensive.

With the help of her dad, he thought of making an affordable product. After some hard work, he made the plunge.

Michael & Ryan’s passion was evening and they liked cold plunging, floating, and building win-win relationships.

It made 20 Palunges in the beginning time, and after that he opened his factory in Sacramento, California, from there he started sending Palunges all over the world.

What Is The Cold Plunge?

The cold plunge is a cold water model whose model provides relief from wellness, immune system, depression, etc. This is a scientific way to activate keeping the body fit and fresh. A swimmer who swims in cold water undergoes many changes from this cold water.

This Cold Plunge is a wellness and fitness product launched in March 2020 based in Sacramento, California.

Cold plunge is considered very good for wellness. It helps the Immune system support Increased blood flow Reduce chronic pain Boost your metabolism Better sleep.

It is also great for mental health and it boosts energy. elevated mood practice discipline increased resilience

Many important features have been given in this plunger like Cooling Down to 39F, Indoor or Outdoor, Circular Filtration, Ozone Sanitation, 20 Micron Filter, INSULATED SPA COVER, 1 Year Factory Warranty, Guided Plunge Videos, Cell Phone Holder, Hose Filter, Skimmer Net.

The feature of underwater light has been given in this plunge, which is very beautiful to see.

This plunge cold water will cost you $1 every day, which is an affordable price.

Currently, this plunge comes in 4 different types Cold Plunge, Hot & Cold Plunge, Cold Plunge Pro, and Hot & Cold Plunge Pro. Its price is also different.

Image credit: thecoldplunge
Company NameThe Cold Plunge
FounderMichael Garret and Ryan Duel
Productworld’s best cold plunge. Take the Plunge. Change your life
Asked For$1.2 Million for 5% Equity
Final DealRobert Herjavec
Shark$1.2 M + $1.2M as a loan for 10% Equity
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E21
Air DateMay 2, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$24 Million *estimated

Who Is The Founder Of Plunge?

The co-founders of this company are Michael Garrett, and Ryan Duey, both of whom started this company in March 2020. These two are close friends who have started their own companies.

Michael Garrett grew up in Arizona, after which he moved to Los Angeles in 20210 for his passion and worked in float therapy.

After much travel and research, he opened Reboot Float & Crow Spa in San Francisco. Once he went on a road trip in the Rocky Mountains, he jumped at Cold Rivers and Lakes and fell in love. In 2020, he together with his father invented this product.

Ryan Duey hails from Northern California. After completing his studies at Cal Poly University, he worked in Madrid for 2 years.

After that did front office work in “San Jose Earthkacase”. He had a motorcycle accident during his Thailand trip.

Plunge Before Shark Tank

Cold Plunge is known for its affordable price. They initially made 20 plunges which were sold out in a few months.

After increasing its demand, he opened his factory in Sacramento and from there he started manufacturing the product.

After completing his 1 year, he generated sales of $1 million which was a big deal for him.

The founder says that his business is currently running in profit, to increase its growth in the coming times.

The founder of Cold Plunge gave a very good presentation in Michael & Ryan. Shark liked this presentation very much. Looking at his sales report, his task was also correct.

Plunge Shark Tank Update

Michael & Ryan, the CO founders of Cold Plunge, believed that he would expand his business if he was funded by the Shark Tank television show.

They are facing a maximum shipping time for 1 product that is currently taking more than 10 weeks to ship. This does not lead to consumer satisfaction for a very long time, which can have a bad effect on their sales in the coming time.

It will, first of all, solve the problem of the shipping chain and increase its manufacturing process.

Where Can You Buy Cold Plunge?

Cold Plunge is available offline and online. This product is available in many retail stores and supermarkets in Sacramento.

Currently, this plunge comes in 4 different types Cold Plunge, Hot & Cold Plunge, Cold Plunge Pro, and Hot & Cold Plunge Pro. Its price is also different.

ImageCredit: thecoldplunge
Cold Plunge$4,990.00
Hot & Cold Plunge$5,490.00
Cold Plunge Pro$5,990.00
Hot & Cold Plunge Pro$6,490.00

What is Plunge’s Net Worth?

Plunge’s net worth is estimated at $24 million.

Cold Plunge has been growing slowly since 2020, its founder claims that he is offering this product to the consumer at an affordable price.

So in the coming time, where will, it go to know whether this company is sustainable or some other company will take over it?

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