What Happened To Project Pollo After Shark Tank?

Project Pollo is a successful Vegan Chicken Restaurants chain that appeared in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 24. This fast-food chain was started by Lucas Bradbury who has been an executive in a different restaurant.

Project Pollo focuses on making vegan chicken. This fast food makes different types of vegetarian chicken dishes, which is a very good thing for vegan people. The vegan food industry is a growing industry, its growth is happening very fast every year as compared to last year.

Slowly people have started eating veg food instead of nonveg food, this is a very good thing for animals and the environment. It has been known from different sources that last year in 2021, the vegan industry had grown to USD 26.16 billion.

By 2028, it is accepted that this industry can reach USD 61.35 billion. The way people are liking vegan food, it is a good thing for human health and nature in the coming times.

There are many startups who have come to Vegan Food and Beverages Services and are surveying their different types of food to their customers.

The way this Vegan Foods market is growing, in the same way, many new startups are being formed in this industry. People follow Healthy Foods to keep their health right, in most people prefer Vegan Foods.

Project Pollo gives people the taste of vegan chicken through different fast foods that people love. Founder Bradbury has worked hard to grow his company, although he has expertise in this field, so he understands it.

The chicken industry is unregulated and produces excessive amounts of waste Later it becomes a hazardous runoff and pollutes the rivers and streams. It has a role in climate change. The way climate change is happening, in the coming time, the whole world can be destroyed by it.

What Is Project Pollo?

Project Pollo which is a vegan fast-food chain was started in 2020 during the pandemic. The first brick-and-mortar project Pollo was opened in San Antonio, Texas, it gives people a variety of vegan foods like chicken sandwiches and wraps, burgers, and sides such as mac and cheese.

His Manu includes different types of food, Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, and Crispy Chicken Wings are among his most popular foods.

This Vegan food chain offers different types of food to its customers like Signatures, Kids Menu, beverages, Burgers, Sides, Bowls & Wraps, Catering, Sweets & Treats, Breakfast, and Sauces.

This food chain claims to have traditional chicken with cruelty-free, delicious, affordable vegan food. This food chain is growing fast due to its claims.

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Project Pollo Shark Tank Update

Company NameProject Pollo
FounderLucas Bradbury
ProductVegan Fast Food Chain
Asked For$2.5 Million of 5% Equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Shark
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E24
Air DateMay 20, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$50 Million *estimated

Project Pollo Contact Details

WebsiteVisit Website
Social MediaLinkedin
PlaceSan Antonio, Texas

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Who Is The Founder Of Project Pollo? – Lucas Bradbury Shark Tank

Lucas Bradbury is the Founder and CEO of Project Pollo. Bradbury says it wants to provide American with affordable access to plant-based alternatives through its vegan food restaurant chain.

Lucas Bradbury, who worked in several restaurants before starting Project Pollo Vegan Food Chain Company, has a good experience in this industry.

After his economic studies at Kansas State University, he worked as an executive in different restaurants, including Which Wich, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Champs Chicken.

Bradbury Joe himself became a vegan by convincing his parents to eat vegan foods. So on September 2020, he started a vegan fast food restaurant chain named Project Pollo.

Since 2017, he has been the CO-Founder and President of the Houston Street Hospitality Company. This is a corporate company.

The founder believes that plant base protein can completely change the food industry in the coming time.

Project Pollo Before Shark Tank

Project Pollo started with a food truck during the pandemic, it started off well. It is a very fast-growing foods startup, in just 2 years this vegan food chain has opened food trucks in 12 locations inside Texas.

The founder said that he uses his food truck to make so much fresh, fabulous food that his customers stay connected with him every day.

So this World Vegan Day, they gave away 1,600 vegan chicken sandwiches. Founder Lucas is opening a new store every 30 days His goal is to archive the target of opening more than 100 stores across the country by 2024.

This company promotes the PlantBase lifestyle to save the animals because of their sustainability and environmental responsibility.

This restaurant donates $1 per each of its chikn Sandwich Sold to Animal Welfare Organizations to save the animal.

Did Project Pollo Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Lucas, the founder of Project Pollo, has given a great presentation on Shark Tank which takes him a step further to get his funding.

If Founder Lucas wants to take funding from Shark, then he will have to convince Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Guest Shark Kevin Hart.

Sharks invest in any company only if they like its company’s business pitch, finance, and sales reports. After that he tests the skill of the founder and his ability, can he run this company.

In Shark Tank, Lucas said that this “Project Polo” is made from plant-based foods.

It asked Sharks for $2.5 million for 5% equity. The Sharks were surprised to hear this demand as it appeared to give the company a $50 million valuation.

When the sharks tested samples of these foods, they liked them a lot. Mr. Wonderful said that this is the best fake chicken that he has ever eaten.

Lucas was told that he has opened 12 restaurants in a different slag state, which has given him lifetime sales of $10 million.

Lucas plans to open a restaurant in a new location every month. Before joining Shark Tank, he had raised $1.5 million in funds at a valuation of $17.5 million.

Mr. Wonderful is very much impressed by Lucas’s business idea but if he doesn’t believe its valuation is right then he is out.

Mark said that he does not think that the foods are healthy and the valuation of this company is also correct, so because of this, he is out.

Barbara started this business with her old investment company Tom and Chee, which got bankrupt due to rapid growth. If she does not make this mistake again, then she is out of this business deal.

Lori said that she does not know what is going to happen next, the way this business is growing, so she is out of it.

What Happened To Project Pollo After The Shark Tank?

The restaurant food chain industry is a competitive market if there is a need to slow down in this industry, which is trying to digest food and beat its competitors.

To beat the competitors in the food industry, you have to have good marketing and grow your food chain, for that a lot of money is needed.

The founder of this food company, Lucas, who is also the president of a corporate company, does not require much money.

Lucas has experience in the food industry and a business mindset and knows how to grow a company. His experience in Shark Tank was very good, he got very good knowledge from sharks which he would implement in growing his business.

By August 2022, this company has opened more than 19 restaurant chains in different cities in the United States.

It is hiring many employees to grow its restaurant chain. We hope that in these few years it can expand to the whole of the United States.

The project Pollo & Lucas Bradbury has been featured by many magazines including QSR Magazine, San Antonio, Dallas, Nation Restaurant News, and Many More.

Where Can You Buy Project Pollo?

You will also find Project Pollo on their official website, it takes orders offline and online. If you live in Texas, then it is easy for you to eat this vegan restaurant food, but it is going to increase your food chain across the country.

It provides different types of food to the people, they charge $5.50 from the customer for a sandwich.

What Is Project Pollo Net Worth?

Project Pollo is America’s fastest-growing vegan fast-food chain that provides affordable access to plant-based alternatives to Americans.

Project Pollo is growing very fast The goal of the founder is to expand his chain across the country by 2024. To fulfill this goal, he had come to get funding in Shark Tank.

The Project Pollo Company is a company with a $50 million Worth valuation that the founders reported on Shark Tank.

Is Project Pollo Still In Business?

Project Pollo Vegan Foods has been running very well since September 2020 although the competition in this Vegan Food Industry is increasing.

There is not much competition in this Vegan Foods industry, so there are many new restaurants which become successful.

Project Pollo works well for its employees. This company’s workplace is positive, due to which their employees are very happy.

This company provides different types of facilities for its customers like higher-than-average wages, health, and dental insurance, and paid vacation time.

Looking at their social media handles, it is known that their marketing team is working very actively. Every day new photos, videos, and reels are uploaded related to Vegan Fast Food Chicken.

Shark Tank Air Date: 5/20/22 – Season 13 – Episode 24

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