Soy Yer Dough Shark Tank Update (Season 1)

Sawyer Sparks Appears in Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 7 Manga $125k for 25% equity at a $500k valuation. The daughter of Sawyer’s favorite college professor had “celiac disease”, so she was unable to play with traditional modeling clay.

As a solution to this problem, Soya Base Modeling Clay “Soya Yer Dugh” was born. By expanding this business he wants to create jobs for his community. Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec teamed up to invest $300,000 in the company for 51% equity.

What Is Soy Yer Dough?

Soy Yer Dough is a non-toxic, gluten-free soy-based modeling clay. This company sells modeling clay in colors like red, yellow, black, orange, etc. and each color comes with the smell of different fruits.

According to the report of Children’s National, one in 100 people have celiac disease. This is the most common disease for children.

Company NameSoy Yer Dough
FounderSawyer Sparks
FoundedFeb 2008
ProductNon-Toxic, Gluten-Free Soy-Based Modeling Clay
Asked For$125k for 25% equity
Final Deal$300k for 51% equity
SharkKevin O'Leary Shark Tank Profile Robert Herjavec Daymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S1 E7
Air DateSep 29th, 2009
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersBloomfield, Indiana, USA
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$5M *estimated
Buy and WatchBuy NowAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Soy Yer Dough?

Image via ABC Shark Tank

The founder and CEO of Soy Yer Dough Company is Sawyer Sparks. Sparks started this company in February 2008 during his first years at Purdue University.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Soy Yer Dough?

Sawyer Sparks asked the Sharks for $125k for 25% equity of his company. He said that he makes modeling clay in his mother’s kitchen with his mother and girlfriend. Since February 2008, 8,000 containers have been sold and last week there was an order for 11,000 containers.

He has a provisional patent for the product and the toy company Hasbro has contacted him multiple times and has even offered $500k to buy the Soy Yer Dough patent. Kevin O’Leary offered $125k for 51% equity. Daymond John said that if Kevin’s offer is good then he is out.

Robert Harrington said Kevin is a good partner in licensing, so he is out. Barbara Corcoran also walked out after repeating what other sharks said.

Sparks counters Kevin with $125k for 40% equity. Kevin declined but Robert Herjavec offered $125k for 40% equity. Sparks said if he diluted 51% he would need more money. Daymond, Kevin & Robert Herjavec teamed up to offer $300k for 51% equity.

Sparks agreed to this offer.

Sharks Offers list!

Barbara Corcoran Barbara CorcoranNo Offer
Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank Profile Kevin O’Leary$125k for 51% equity (#1)
$125k for 17% equity (#2)
Robert Herjavec Robert Herjavec$125k for 40% equity (#1)
$125k for 17% equity (#2)
Daymond John Daymond John$125k for 17% equity (#1)
Kevin Harrington Kevin HarringtonNo Offer
Founder’s (Countered)$125k for 40% equity (Kevin)
Final Deals$300k for 51% equity

What Happened To Soy Yer Dough After Shark Tank?

Soy Yer Dough gets a deal on Shark Tank. Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec & Daymond John invested $300k in this company for 51% equity. After this episode aired, the company received thousands of orders in one day.

This company has never had any deal with Hasbro. After running this business successfully for 12 years, it was acquired by Sustainable Project Group in May 2020.

Soy Yer Dough Shark Tank Update

After this deal, Sparks’ dream came true, he also created jobs for his community and made millions of dollars in sales. Currently, he is a business consultant and his company Soy Yer Dough is out of business.

What Is Soy Yer Dough’s Net Worth?

Soy Yer Dough’s net worth is estimated at $0 million. This company is now permanently closed and no useful information about Founder Sparks is available on the internet. This is one of the successful deals in Shark Tank, although it could not be sustained for a long time.

Annual Revenue by Years

Note: This report is based on our research and data so far. In this, we are only estimating the annual revenue.

YearsAnnual Revenue
2008-20$5M *estimated

Funding Reports to Date!

YearsFunding AmountInvestor
2009$300kDaymond John
Kevin O’Leary
Robert Herjavec

Is Soy Yer Dough Still In Business?

Celiac disease is common and is found in most of the children. Sparks launched a great product for those children who were unable to play with traditional modeling clay due to this disease.

Now this company has been completely closed and its official address was Bloomfield, Indiana, United States.

No, Soy Yer Dough has been out of business since 2020.

frequently asked questions

Who founded Soy Yer Dough?

Soy Yer Dough was founded by Sawyer Sparks.

Did Soy Yer Dough get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Soy Yer Dough gets a deal on Shark Tank.

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