What Happened To Aqua Boxing Glove After Shark Tank?

Aqua Boxing Glove Appeared in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 24 is a boxing glove manufacturing company. Aqua Boxing Glove is a training device where water is poured into these gloves for weight resistance.

There are many people who do boxing workouts so that they can burn their fat and muscles. A boxing workout is a very good way to keep the whole body fit, it exercises the whole body.

There are different types of boxing experiments that people do every day in their life like heavy bags, speed bags, and focus mitts. Many health issues are solved through boxing workouts, such as relief from heart, weight loss, blood pressure, stress, etc.

There are many boxing gloves in the market that people use for their daily exercise. However, seeing their weight, they buy boxing gloves.

If there is a glove whose weight you can adjust at different places or at the time of workout.

Aqua Boxing Glove is one of the very best products that provide this facility to you. These gloves are completely different from other gloves, inside you can adjust the weight of water lentils.

He is a professional boxer along with the founder of this company, Tony, who is also a workout trainer. He invented this product to make people work out in a better way.

What Is Aqua Boxing Glove?

Aqua Boxing Glove, which is based in Texas is a training boxing glove manufacturer. The Aqua Boxing Glove is an affordable, no-impact, travel-friendly resistance boxing workout.

It is the perfect boxing tool for every fitness trainer, fighter, and beginner. Let’s say the weight of these gloves is 1.5 pounds, but after adding water to them, it becomes up to 7 pounds.

The water that goes into these gloves gets spread around the boxing gloves, which makes the workout easier.

It is great for home training as it helps you to do H.I.I.T, strength, cardio, or any boxing program. The 3 things that make these gloves unique are that you can do your exorbitant weights and their Natural punching motions and grip, unlike holding weights.

This glove Has 4 Things That You Don’t Find In Other Gloves Adjustable Weight, Stability Training, Natural Boxers Grip, and Recruits Secondary Muscle Group.

It makes it very easy to punch and feel like a professional fighter. You can take these gloves to the place of travel etc.

Company NameAqua Boxing Glove
FounderTony Adeniran
FoundedApr 2020
Productboxing gloves by pouring water inside the gloves.
Asked For$100k for 10% Equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Shark
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S13 E24
Air DateMay 20, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersSan Antonio, Texas, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$500k *estimated
Go To AmazonBuy Now
Watch OnAmazon Prime

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Who Is The Founder Of Aqua Boxing Glove?

The founder of Aqua Boxing Glove is Tony Adeniran, who has been a professional boxer. His professional boxing career includes a 3-0 lifetime record, which includes one knockout.

His last professional fight was on November 16, 2019, after that he left the fight and opened his own boxing/fitness game, named Black Stallion Boxing Plus in San Antonio, Texas.

He invented a portable, effective training tool called the Aqua Boxing Glove.

Aqua Boxing Glove Before Shark Tank

Tony, who is the founder of Aqua Boxing Glove, is a trainer and runs a gym. After inventing the product, he got the guest of his GYM center as his first customer.

He had run a Kickstarter campaign to grow his product and his company by September 2021, he had raised $40,706.

After raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign, he invested in the R&D required to make the product.

Founders want to expand their company, and for that, they have to strengthen their supply chain.

Did Aqua Boxing Glove Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

After appearing in the aqua boxing glove Shark Tank, founder Tony gave his business pitch in Shark Tank.

Tony tried to convince the shark Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Guest Shark Kevin Hart so that he could invest in his company.

Before investing in any company, sharks must obtain information about the business model, finance, and sales data of the same company.

Unfortunately, the Aqua Boxing Glove didn’t get a deal in Shark Tank.

Where Can You Buy Aqua Boxing Glove?

If you are interested to buy Aqua Boxing Glove, then for your information, let me tell you that you will get these gloves only on its official website.

This glove has its original price of $99.00 in 2022, but there are many other gloves like this that cost $300, more than $1200.

Along with boxing gloves, this company manufactures polyester quick hand wears, carrying sports duffle products.

What Happened To Aqua Boxing Glove After Shark Tank?

After being featured in the Aqua Boxing Glove Shark Tank, its sales rate increased tremendously. After this product feature in Shark Tank, its sales rate had gone up to 4x, however, after that, it could be more or less.

For any company that comes to Shark Tank with its product, its sales last for a few months. After that, if their product is very good and at an affordable price then people will definitely buy it.

After Shark Tank, although the sales growth of these gloves has increased, to survive it will have to be a supply chain with good marketing.

He did not get funding from the show of Shark Tank but if he got funding in it, people would have got a positivity about this product.

They have introduced some new products Aqua Boxing Glove – Fluid Boxer, Polyester Quick Hand Wraps and Bag.

Aqua Boxing Glove Shark Tank Update

Tony did a very good pitch after entering the shark tank. Tony told Shark about many things like how this box works and what are its benefits etc. However, none of the sharks showed interest in investing in this company.

We’re following Tony Adeniran along with his company for further updates.

What Is Net Worth of Aqua Boxing Glove?

This can prove to be a good company. Their product comes at a very affordable price for every boxer who can buy these boxing gloves.

We estimate Aqua Boxing Glove to be worth $1 million. If the founder Tony further improves this product and increases its price a bit, it can easily survive further.

Is Aqua Boxing Glove Still In Business?

Founder Tony has grown his company Aqua Boxing Glove very well. Gave Tony a problem in his boxing field solving him that he invented this product.

Tony is a self-employed of this company, however, what will happen to it in the coming time cannot be said now.

Yes, Aqua Boxing Glove is still in business as of April 2023.

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