What Happened To The Transformation Factory After The Shark Tank?

The Transformation Factory is a health supplements company that provides Sea Moss Gel. Sea moss gel is a superfood and many magazines claim that this food is very good for a healthy heart. There are many people who Consume by Sea Moss for weight loss, immunity boost and fitness.

The Transformation Factory is one such company that manufactures Edible Gel from “Sea Moss” and this Gel is available in different flavours.

According to Webmd, Sea Moss works to protect the human body as well as boost the immune system. According to a Forbes article, Ana Reisdorf says Sea moss “may be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet,”.

Alexiou Gibson, the founder of a private company providing health supplements, is an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.

Gibson appeared on Shark Tank with his company The Transformation Factory and asked the shark for $500k for a 5% equity at a $10 Million Valuation. This is a company with a huge valuation in Shark Tank.

What Is The Transformation Factory?

The Transformation Factory is a company that manufactures a superfood gel made from Sea Moss. Sea Moss Gel comes in different flavors including Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Raw, Elderberry, Dragod Fruit, Soursop, Goji Berry.

This company sells Seaweed Moss Gel, it is made from Irish Sea Moss which is specially found in Europe and North America.

The taste of this gel is similar to that of raw oysters when eaten without adding any additional flavor. After adding fruit flavor to it, its test becomes very good.

The price of Sea Moss Gel Jars has been kept depending on the flavor, the price range of each jar is from $30.99 to $43.99. This company has launched Sea Moss capsules, the price of these capsules is $34.99.

Company NameThe Transformation Factory
FounderAlexiou Gibson
ProductSea Moss Fruits Gel
Asked For$500,000 for 5% Equity
Final Deal$600,000 for 20% Equity
SharkMark Cuban & Kevin hart
Episode (Shark Tank USA)Season 13 Episode 24
Air DateMay 20, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersWellington, Florida, United States
Go To AmazonBuy Now
What Is Current Update
This company sold an estimated 100,000 jars on 2022 December Black Friday.
It generated an estimated $3 million in 2022 BlackFriday revenue.

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of The Transformation Factory?

The Founder and CEO of Sea Moss Fruits Gel Company is Alexiou Gibson who is an Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.

Gibson has studied Bachelor of Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. He has also studied Associates of Arts, Pre-Engineering from Palm Beach State College.

After studies, he was Chief of Technology Intern in NASA for 1 year. He was an Implementation Specialist for 2 years at Florida based company Breezer Mobile Cooling.

Along with working in different companies, we started Highly Ambitious Studios (HAM) in 2012.

The Transformation Factory Before Shark Tank

Gibson started this business in 2020 and this business idea came from his weight loss. The weight loss journey of the founder has been full of struggle.

When Gibson was 19 years old, his weight had increased to 500 lbs, seeing this, his physician said that he would not be able to live more than 30 years.

With this one thing he did that he will lose his weight no matter what happens. After that, he started taking healthy foods along with doing workouts for his weight loss.

After a few years, his lifestyle changed completely and he started living a vegan lifestyle. For his weight loss, he started eating a lot about the foods of seaweed.

To expand his business nationwide, Gibson decided to go to the shark tank and try to get funding from the sharks.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Transformation Factory?

Alexiou Gibson entered Shark Tank with his company Transformation Factory and asked the sharks for $500,000 for 5% equity. Gibson tries to impress Shark by telling him his weight loss story. In a simple way, it explained its product to the shark.

The business has been in operation for 11 months so far and has reached $3.5 million in lifetime sales. Gibson’s grandmother was coming from the Bahamas and Gibson used to give coffee etc. to his grandmother every morning.

Gibson used to share his daily story on Instagram. There was a very good response on Instagram regarding his product.

After that he started his online business by running ads and improving his website “SEO” properly. To running ads, his business started growing 800% from February to March.

His profit is 35% of the $3.5 million in sales, which is $1.4 million in profit. This million dollar sale has come through direct to consumer and 100% online.

The small jars cost $24.99 and can be made for $4.15, which is quite expensive. To make the product, all the seaweed is imported from outside in the United States, in which FDA and Customs have to be cleared.

There is no debt on this business and there is a single owner. Kevin Hart is interested in this business but he can’t deal with 5% so he offers $500k for a 20% equity.

Kevin Hart invited Barbara Corcoran to come together and offered $500k for a 20% equity(10% equity each one).

Kevin O’Leary said he liked this business’ revenue, cash flow, and offered $500k for a 30% equity. Gibson said 20% equity is high for $500k. The entrepreneur countered Kevin Hart & Barbara for $800k for a 20% equity. But Barbara refused this offer.

Kevin Hart asked Barbara if she would go with the $600k for a 20% equity, but she said no. Mark said he would come to the deal with Kevin, and together they made an offer of $600k for a 20% equity. Gibson signed the deal with Mark & ​​Kevin.

Finalize: Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban invested $500K in “The Transformation Factory” for for 20% equity.

What Happened To The Transformation Factory After Shark Tank?

Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban invested in this Sea Moss Fruits Gel Company which was already a profitable business. Mark is a very good shark and he will try his best to grow this business.

Shark Tank Weaver found this business very interesting and especially liked this negotiation moment between Gibson, Kevin, Barbara and Mark.

By November 2022, this company has made over 100,000 customers and most people have given positive reviews to this product.

On September 1, 2022, 100k followers have been completed on the Instagram handle of TTF Company. According to some reports, on October 2022, Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban have closed this deal.

On December 3, 2022, founder Alexiou announced on the company Instagram account that nearly 100,000 Sea Moss Gel jars were sold on Black Friday. At present, their team is very busy and they are shipping around 2,000 jars every day.

The Transformation Factory Shark Tank Update

TTF Company got investment in Shark Tank, in which Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban invested. This company must have done very good sales after this episode of Shark Tank aired, although we do not have the sales report available.

In the Shark Tank show, the founder told that his 11-month sales are $3.5 million, so according to this, this company must have done very good sales after Shark Tank.

According to some reports, Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban have closed the deal with the company. During 2022 Black Friday, this company has made a record by selling almost 100,000 jars. During 2022 Black Friday, this company has made an estimated $3 million in sales.

We’re following Alexiou Gibson along with his company for further updates.

What Is The Transformation Factory Net Worth?

It is a profitable company and has a very good sales rate with a profit margin of 35% which is a good thing. There is no information yet available on the annual revenue of this company for this year. After doing some analysis we think that The Transformation Factory worth would be estimated $3.1 million.

Is The Transformation Factory Still In Business?

This company did very good sales before this episode of Shark Tank aired. After Shark Tank, much information about the sales of this company has not been available.

Many major media publications have featured this company, including CNBA, Yahoo Finance, ABC and many more.

In November 2022, this company’s social media handle is still active and founder Alexiou Gibson is running this business.

This company’s headquarter is in Lake Worth, Florida, United States and total 5 to 20 employees are working in it.

Yes, TTF is still in business as of January 2023.

frequently asked questions

What is The Transformation Factory Worth?

As of now, the estimated worth of The Transformation Factory is $3.1 million.

Who founded The Transformation Factory?

The Transformation Factory was launched by Alexiou Gibson on 2020.


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    I ordered 2 jars of sea moss gel. When I received my order, the jars were around 80 degrees which was measured by a thermal thermometer. The jars were in a Mylar blister pack. There were a couple of ice packs that were completely thawed and a little bit of packing popcorn in a cardboard box. There is no way that the product will arrive even at a cool temperature packed this way. The company has been good about trying to correct the problem. But a replacement was mailed exactly the same as the original order. I am supposed to be receiving a refund. I really hate that I couldn’t even try the product because of improper packaging for shipping. This is a real problem I hope is solved quickly

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