What Happened To Copy Keyboard (Copying and Pasting) After Shark Tank?

Copy keyboard is a simple two-key keyboard and it becomes easy to copy and paste through the keyboard. This keyboard is designed for both copying and pasting work, It will be easy to copy and paste the text, code, image, etc. visible on the computer screen through the keyboard.

This copy-and-paste keyboard is invented by Scotty Trujillo. Founder Scotty shot a video of his copy-and-paste keyboard and uploaded it on the Tiktok platform and over a period of time that video went viral on Tiktok.

This product video has got 20+ million impressions on Tiktok. Every day there is some work related to copy and paste on the computer and we can do that work easily through the copy keyboard.

Scotty Trujillo appears on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 13 to Fund and Grow Product Sales and Asks Sharks for $40,000 for 25% equity at $160K Valuation. This is a unique product and there will be many people who will use this product in their daily work.

What Is Copy Keyboard (Copying and Pasting)?

Copy keyboard is a small device and it is easy to copy and paste by attaching it to the computer. On a computer/laptop, we press (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V) keys on the keyboard to do copy-and-paste work.

Sometimes this copy paste work becomes a time-consuming process, to solve this problem copy keyboard device is made.

By attaching this keyboard device to the computer via a USB cable, we will be able to do copying and pasting without any software. The device comes in two colors Black and White, it is available for both Apple Mac and Windows PC. The cost of this device is $19.99.

Company NameCopy Keyboard
FounderScotty Trujillo
ProductKeyboard with copying and pasting two keys.
Asked For$40K for 25% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S14 E13
Air DateJan 27, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquartersFresno, California, US
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$100K *estimated
Buy and WatchBuy NowAmazon Prime

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Is The Founder Of Copy Keyboard?

Copy Keyboard was founded by Scotty Trujillo on January 2021. Scotty is a mechanical engineer and completed his engineering at California State University, Fresno.

After completing his studies, he was a screen printer & owner of Great Greek Shirts. He was also the Ecommerce manager of the California Base ERI Company for 4 years.

Copy Keyboard Before Shark Tank

Scotty officially launched this device on January 2021. When he made this product for the first time, he shot a video and uploaded it on Tiktok, that video went viral in a few weeks.

In today’s time, that video has got 20+ million impressions on Tiktok. Scotty has worked in e-commerce platforms, network,s and marketing for many years and has knowledge of product marketing.

They also sold thousands of dollars after the video of the product went viral on Tiktok. Marketing is needed to increase the sales of this product, so Scotty must have decided that he will bring this product to Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Copy Keyboard?

Scotty enters Shark Tank and asks the sharks for $40k for 25% equity. Scotty said he copy and past on the keyboard 50 times a day and there are some customers who copy and past 1,000 times a day.

Scotty tried to buy copy keyboard but couldn’t find one, so he created copy keyboard himself. This copy keyboard video has crossed 20+ million views on social media.

Lori Greiner told Scotty why do you copy and past 50 times, Scotty said he is a former e-commerce manager and he has to put a lot of documents on spreadsheets every day.

This product was among the top tech gifts of 2021 during the Christmas season. Scotty said he needed the money for inventory so he could sell more.

Scotty said he published a video of the keyboard on social media on December 1st, 2021, and received a $20k order on December 2nd. Scotty himself programmed, packaged, and shipped the product from his own kitchen.

He needs money to reduce the cost of the product. The making cost of one keyboard is $9.14 and the making cost of 2,000 orders is $6.15. The standard USB version costs $19.99 and the LED version costs $24.99.

Scotty Said has sold $42,209 so far. When this product was launched on December 1st, 2021 they had only 200 units and all were sold out. Scotty said that he does not have a patent for this product.

Mark Cuban refused to invest in this business. Scotty is an engineering dropout and worked as an e-commerce manager in an electronic e-commerce company.

He lost his job at the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic and now he is working part-time in a car shop and is a front desk clerk in the car shop.

Lori Greiner said it’s not a business for her and she’s not a techie person so she’s out. Daymond John said that he mostly uses a mobile and does not carry a laptop. That’s why he is unable to relate it to the product, so he is out

Kevin O’Leary said he was out, and Scotty said breaks my heart Mr.Wonderful. Robert Herjavec said this product is crap, so he is out.

Finalize: Copy Keyboard Didn’t Get a Deal in Shark Tank.

Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Update

This episode of Shark Tank aired on Jan 27, 2023, and this keyboard device commercial went free on National TV. Scotty appeared on Shark Tank with a broken hand and pitched brilliantly to the sharks. Scotty is very clear about his product and knows how to increase sales.

We’re following Scotty Trujillo along with his company for further updates.

What Is Copy Keyboard Net Worth?

Copy Keyboard is estimated to be worth $160K. This is a unique device that connects to the computer via USB and does both copy and paste in a simple one click.

So far many small device companies have appeared in Shark Tank and some of them have gotten funding and some have not. Ring-doorbot was rejected in Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 9 and the product has annual sales of $274 million in January 2023.

In this way, many companies were rejected in the shark tank and now they are earning millions of dollars annually.

Is Copy Keyboard Still In Business?

Scotty is focusing on scaling this small keyboard device and is trying to promote the product through social media marketing. Scotty has years of experience in e-commerce and marketing and knows how to do it.

The Shark Tank show can be a good marketing platform for this keyboard device as a lot of people watch Shark Tank. There will be some people watching the show who think that this keyboard is essential for them.

This product is headquartered in Fresno, California, United States, and Scotty is a sole proprietor.

Yes, Copy Keyboard is still in business as of August 2023.

frequently asked questions

What is the Worth of Copy Keyboard?

Copy Keyboard’s Current Worth Is An Estimated $160K.

How does the copy keyboard work?

Any copied text or codes can be copied and pasted by connecting the copy keyboard with a computer or laptop via USB cable.

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