What Happened To Super Potty Trainer After Shark Tank?

I will discuss Super Potty Trainer Shark Tank Update. Super Potty Trainer United States is a Small Startup from Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 25. The founder of this startup, also known as the pitcher in the show Shark Tank, participates in the show to pitch the shark through his business idea.

The Super Potty Trainer is a Unique Concept That Could Work for Special Kids Because older children will not want to use this product because they do not sleep with this product. We can say that this product is perfect for children.

What Is Super Potty Trainer?

Super Potty Trainer is a product having a traditional potty approach, this product has a lot of use for children. We can also say that it is very important for children to give them a good education.

Most children who are between 2 years to 6 years are afraid to potty in the toilet. Because he feels that he will not be able to sit properly in this toilet.

He Feels Un-Comfortable After Sitting in the Toilet Seat So this Super Potty Trainer is a unique product that makes the back of the kids adjustable to sit in the toilet seat. It fits snugly into the toilet and is easy to remove

Company NameSuper Potty Trainer
FounderJudy Abrahams And Chris Guerrera
BusinessBack Rest For Babies Potty Training To Prevent From Falling Into The Toilet
Asked For$300k For 10% Equity
Final Deal$300k For 50% Equity
SharkLori Greiner And Daymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E25
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$1.5M *estimated
WebsiteVisit Website

Another Shark Tank Pitch

Who Are the Super Potty Trainer Founders?

The co-founder of Super Potty Trainers is mom Judy Abrahams and her business partner, Christopher Guerrera, both started this startup.

Abrahams holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a paralegal certificate. She works as a court interpreter and teacher and is also a good stand-up comedian.

Chris is a businessman and he is the owner of venture capital company Pace. He has obtained a degree in mechanical engineering, and apart from this he does weekly podcasts.

Success Story Of Super Potty Trainer Founders

This super potty trainer was invented by Judy. The founder’s daughter has gone through this situation. Their daughters are afraid to go to the toilet because they are too afraid to sit in the toilet seat.

To overcome the fear of his daughter, he made it small by placing some girl-like things in the toilet seat, after which small children could sit in it.

After solving this problem of her daughter, she felt that this problem must be happening to all the kids because it is fear while going to the toilet to do potty.

The founder started a startup from his own thought so that children do not have to fear that they may fall while pottying.

Judy started experimenting with this idea in the United States, she found a manufacturer to make some products for her.

She designed the product and Finally made this product from the manufacturer, listing it on Amazon and after advertising, it got 400 sales. Their products are being sold a lot online, so there was a lot of positive response from people too.

Judy had met Christopher through social media and after talking with him, Christopher joined the business. Christopher handles the marketing of the product.

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Did Super Potty Trainer Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Judy Abrahams and Chris Guerrera took this product with them in season 12 episode 25 of Shark Tank. He pitched the shark very well and offered $300,000 for a 10% share of the potty training backrest Investors Lori Greiner and Daymond John invested $300,000 in a 50% share of Super Potty Trainer.

Super Potty Trainer

What Happened To Super Potty Trainer After Shark Tank?

This company got the deal of Shark Tank and two sharks Lori Greiner And Daymond John invested in it. If we talk about the overall episode, then this episode proved successful for this business.

Within a few months of this episode of Shark Tank airing, this company had generated half a million sales. Because this product was the need of every parent.

This business has now become a sub-brand of the Arizona base I Got Your Back Baby, LLC Company.

Super Potty Trainer Shark Tank Update

This business did very well in Shark Tank and it also got a deal with Shark. This business made its product available in 400 Walmart stores before Shark Tank and now the number of stores has increased.

Daymond and Lori has not closed the deal with this business till September 2022.

You will know more information related to this business in the coming time.

What Is the Net Worth Of Super Potty Trainer?

According to Some analyses, Super Potty Trainer Net Worth is Estimated at $500,000. This product is being sold on Amazon and it is also being sold on its official website.

So far more than +2000 items of this super potty trainer have been sold. This product is getting a lot of positive responses on Amazon. The average price of this product has been kept at $21.99.

Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

Is Super Potty Trainer Still In Business?

Super Potty Trainer Company was started in 2020 by the founder Judy. The need for this product is quite children’s right now and its demand is very high on platforms like Amazon.

The demand for this product is so high that it often goes out of stock. This startup is going on right now.

The social media handle of this business is still active i.e. this business is going on. It tries to do marketing for free by uploading videos on Instagram and Tiktok so that orders can be received.

This product has been patented by the founder.

Yes, Super Potty Trainer is still in business as of September 2022.

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